#100 Happiness

I haven’t finished my #100Happiness project, I can only reach number 59. I dunno why, maybe it is because I can not find other things to make on the list or because I have trouble to memorize anything.

Sunday 28 April 2013, I finally completed the #100happiness project. So many things happened in the past months and I am grateful for everything. Thank you for all new experiences, lord <3 I am sure more happiness are coming my way :D

So here it goes =)

100. Having constant hope that one day the right person will come into my life. Hope is the light during darkest hours #100happiness

99. Bali trip with my family. I love them so much #100happiness

98. Cheap shoes #100happiness

97. Whenever I am able to articulate my objection toward something or say no to something I don’t want  to do #100happiness

96. Manila Ocean Park and Nemo :) #100happiness

95. Holiday in the Philippines and P. Galera. Most lovable and memorable things happened! #100happiness

94. Business trip to Chicago to attend Future Trading Conference at Hilton. Finally landed in USA! Woohoo!! #100happiness

93. Working Meeting of MoT last 2012. The first time I have this opportunity. Mr. GW is brilliant! #100happiness

92. Sony NEX3. So many beautiful pictures are taken because of it #100happiness

91. Booked tickets for my parents and aunt to come to Melbourne next November 2013 #100happiness

90. IKEA IKEA IKEA! BEST BEST BEST! #100happiness

89. Went to cinema with classmates after the first semester is done. We were watching Madagscar 3 #100happiness

88. Dinosaur exhibition at Melbourne Museum #100happiness

87. Back home and hang out with BFF. Love it when they are around me #100happiness

86. Toast with peanut and cheese #100happiness

85. New books #100happiness

84. Free General Entry for Australian Grand Prix 2013 #100happiness

83. SEF Nights and SEF Family Gathering :) I look beautiful in black dress ^^ #100happiness

82. Walking around the city with fellow SEFers who attended WorldMUN. They are lucky! #100happiness

81. Ingrid Michaleson live in Concert last September 2012. I met fellow fans there, Gloria :) #100happiness

80. Sitting in a 3/3a tram wandering around Balaklava and St. Kilda #100happiness

79. Submitted-assignments before due date #100happiness

78. My course at Monash University. I have the best tutors and lecturers! #100happiness

77. ALDI. So much love for this store :) #100happiness

76. Attended Dawn Service in Anzac Day last 25 April 2013. There were 50,000 people gathered at Shrine of Remembrance that day! SCORE! #100happiness

75. Shrine of Remembrance and St. Kilda Beach. My two most favorite place in the city. I can go here everyday if I can #100happiness

74. The first time in Melbourne! Can’t describe the feeling. It was the most magical feeling #100happiness

73. Roadtrip to The Great Ocean Road with Jo, K, Farah and Halim. It was memorable. The view are gorgeous! Subhanallah #100happiness

72. New addiction >> Free Sample from OzBargain! It’s pretty awesome Australia has this site XD #100happiness

71. POSTCARDS! I love postcards :)

70. Selected to be part of #HumanBrochure and visited Canberra last October 2012. I met great friends there! Inspiring! #100happiness

69. KMART, TARGET and REJECT SHOP. Who doesn’t love cheap stuffs? :D #100happiness

68. Gyu Tan Don at Menya #100happiness

67. CheeseQuesadilla and Burrito at MadMex #100happiness


65. Cooking #100happiness

64. Walking-distance campus :) #100happiness

63. Beautiful room with huge window in Bates St! #100happiness

62. Good guy friends in Melbourne. Never thought we can be close, but they are hilarious and awesome! #100happiness

61. Cheap roundtrip tickets to other cities or countries #100happiness

60. Studying in Melbourne. Dream comes true! #100happiness

59. Everytime I hit the gym and run for miles and find myself sweating. #100happiness

58. Fruits! I love all kinds of fruits and it makes me feel health #100happiness

57. See happiness in others faces for what I do for them. You don’t have any idea how smile is so infectious! ;) #100happiness

56. My debate team mate @Its_Veetha &Kiky; all the training+matches we’ve been through together.My pleasure to join the team! #100happiness

55. Help my brothers and see their smile because of what I can do to them. #100Happiness

54. Project Officer of The 27th SEF Anniversary;coordinating several occasions incl. charity,debate competition,kids comp,etc #100Happiness

53. A reply from Sheetal Sheth just bcoz I RT my friend’s tweet about her hope to see SS playing as Az’s ex gf in GreysAnatomy #100Happiness

52. Perform daily routine to trim my nails and clean my ear canal. I always have things with cotton buds and nail clipper:p #100Happiness

51. @PedsIsHardcore calling me ‘A’, giving me ‘:):):):):):)’ icon, ‘prescribing’ me a cure for headache, tweeting sweet words! #100Happiness

50. Traveling with bike in Bali with @drostia,sharing my secret in Benton Junction,feeling like I was being heard & understood #100Happiness

49. TUMBLR and all the things people post about my favorite actress and singers #100Happiness

48. First day of every month! It’s sallary day :)) lol #100Happiness

47. WATCHES!! #100Happiness

46. Being ‘The Captain Of CressWood Ship’.Approved by Your Highness @Moster_Ren:)I need @Mc_dimples to give me her blessing :p #100Happiness

45. Sitting on a boat, looking at the sky, enjoying sea garden, listening to iPod in Bunaken, North Sulawesi! #100Happiness

44. Surprise gifts I found on my desk the morning I arrived at office.Those are from @Riri_Frida.How wonderful u are, Mbakyu:) #100Happiness

43. Wonderful surprise in my 21nd birthday from fellow debaters and coach

42. SARA BAREILLES Concert Ticket next May 2011 :) It’s like a dream come true. Sara Bareilles is coming to Indonesia!!! :) #100Happiness

41. Emails, funny vid of @angelus24 singing ‘You’ve Got A Friend’ to help me cope with my crappy days and nice chat.:) #100Happiness

40. My girl crush,Ladya Cheryl.I adore her ever since she played in AADC. I finally got the chance to meet her in person

39. RIZZOLI AND ISLES! Being introduced to Sasha Alexander and Angie Harmon is one of the BEST thing everrr!! #100Happiness

38. Lost Girl, Lauren, Bo and Kenzie! #100Happiness #Fangirl

37. Staying in my bed all day watching my favorite series :) #100Happiness

36. SLEEPING! #100Happiness

35. The first ‘stranger’ who are willing to be my support system during one of my hardest phase in life @LuvShayMitchell :)#100Happiness

34. Seeing my own smile! I am not being narcissistic, but I feel like my smile is contagious (at least to myself) lol #100Happiness

33. Great pictures of myself taken by my friends. I love it when they captured my cute facial expression:)) #100Happiness

32. @JillyBean032 simply makes me happy when she’s around. xxx #100Happiness (ps. I reserve #32 for you! lol)

31. Anggie -my PaoPao. She’s the best!! #100Happiness

30. Receiving e-mails from close friends. It’s that YAY moment when I find the letter in my inbox. #100Happiness

29. Bluberry Pancake @ Mr Pancake and Bluberry Cheesecake @ Cheese Cake Factory #100Happiness

28. Holy Ramadhan! I love it when people are not smoking and eating and trying to hold their anger:) Lovely month!! #100happiness

27. My favorite Apple. I never thought I will ever get the money to buy them. Where there’s a will, there’s a way:p #100happiness

26. Lebaran!! Meet the whole family and eat anything I want:) A good moment to ask forgiveness. #100happiness

25. Receive a new song in my gmail from @GunturPrima. #100happiness

24. My very first kiss. You know who you are! #100happiness

23. All kinds of Pizza and Pasta. I love Italian foods :) #100happiness

22. Toast with Strawberry Jam and Cheese!! #100happiness

21. Musikal Laskar Pelangi never cease to amaze me!! #100happiness

20. Singing in a private karaoke room. I

19. Writing notes/ updating my blog and have so many friends commenting about it. I love it when they enjoy reading it

18. Body massage and facial treatment at @gitaarwanacakti’s Samara SPA, Bekasi ;) #100happiness

17. H&R T-Shirts! My closet has all collection of that particular brand when I was in uni lol #100happiness

16. Field Trip to Bandung,watched Saung Angklung Udjo&went to Tangkuban Perahu with @tamitardhani @sppratama&friends last 2009.#100happiness

15. Gym Time and light convos about life, future and work with @inariana every 5pm! #100happiness

14. Scrabble time with @noviariadi, @atika_anggi and Kak Amet in Benton Junction last February ;) #100happiness

13. Being hugged and kissed by my close friends. Always make me feel at ease and comfortable. #100happiness

12. Witnessing UNSOED A as the Runner-Up in IVED. The highest position for the past 10years? @raniemori & team made us PROUD! #100happiness

11. Won a debate match against the black horse, STAN and finally went to elimination round in JOVED UPH. #100happiness

10. Shonda Rhimes and Grey’s Anatomy. A series that lead me to have lots of beautiful friend around the world. #100happiness

9. Calliope Torres and Arizona Robbins #100happiness

8. Waking up in a luxurious hotel paid the office during the business trip ;)) lol #100happiness

7. Mie Siram Solaria. Heavenly delicious;) #100happiness

6. 2008 Graduation Day! Cum Laude student. Made my parents proud of me ;) #100happiness

5. ColdStone Strawberry Ice Cream. Yumm #100happiness

4. Sitting by the window on the way from or to airport. #100happiness

3. Hot Tea in the morning always a good thing to start a day! #100happiness

2. Driving with my motorcycle. I bet I have traveled thousand kilos with my baby motor. She is with me since I was 15yo! #100happiness

1. Travel with plane. My very first flight was 14 June 2008; Seat 17E; Lion Air; Pilot Mr Dodi Rukmana. It was VERY exciting;) #100happiness

#100 Facts About Me

Yay to finally make time to compile them all from my Twitter page :D

1. I have two brothers, they are 23yo and 17yo. My brother just graduated from uni yesterday! #100factsaboutme

2. I convinced myself that no one will ever pay attention to my #100factsaboutme cus I dont think people are interested to my life.

3. I have this #FactsAboutMe games with a special person in my life and doing this #100factsaboutme makes me remember this person the most.

4. I am insecure and most time it gets the best of me and makes me depressed. #100factsaboutme

5. I have low self-esteem and find myself constantly looking for acceptance from the people surround me. No good! #100factsaboutme

6. I am a helplessly romantic person and I believe that love worths fighting. #100factsaboutme

7. I have good childhood,loving parents&siblings,but I alwys thought Im different frm my friends.Not sure what goes wrong! #100factsaboutme

8. I found my Twitter friends are making my life colorful.Some of them helped me struggle with a difficult phase of my life #100factsaboutme

9. I always keep all my cinema tickets in a special box. #100factsaboutme

10. I tend to leave people than to be left behind. I always thought I am not good enough for others. #100factsaboutme

11. I have negative point of view about life and I have this fear of living. #100factsaboutme

12. There’s no female singer I love more that my love for Sara Bareilles. I found this woman amazing and talented! #100factsaboutme

13. I already have my VVIP ticket to see Sara Bareilles concert next May 2011. I will sit in the 3rd row and drool over her #100factsaboutme

14. I looooove Grey’s Anatomy and I am not afraid of showing people how much I love it;) #100factsaboutme

15. I am a calzona fangirl and always hope that one day I will meet Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw in person #100factsaboutme

16. I am always afraid that I will end up alone. I dont have any mental picture of me getting married to anyone. Sad! #100factsaboutme

17. I love traveling and always hope to be an Ambassador for Indonesia. But life goes the other way around. #100factsaboutme

18. I found it really hard to list #100factsaboutme cus I have a messed up memory. I cant remember much of my past #100factsaboutme

19. IF I love someone, I will definitely do anything in my power to show it to them and make them happy. #100factsaboutme

20. I am a people pleaser. I find it hard to say NO to anyone. #100factsaboutme

21. I love giving gifts to people. Mostly because I love giving attention and show them how special they are in my life #100factsaboutme

22. I have amazing friends in Twitter! I wish I could see them in person. Most of them are very supportive and helpful #100factsaboutme

23. I am not a motivated person.I need friends to push me to excel myself; those who believe I am smart and I can do better #100factsaboutme

24. I always find myself not attractive. Most time I believe I am so ugly that it hurts myself so bad. #100factsaboutme

25. Gravity by Sara Bareilles is the most played song in my iPod. I have it played for more than 1000 times. #100factsaboutme

26. Most time I forget word and I feel like my brain is hiding it from me. I have this fear that I might suffer from Alzheimer or Parkinson.

27. I am a procrastinator and I always fashionably late. I set my watch 15minutes later than the actual time. #100factsaboutme

28. I realized I love collecting watch and my eyes are all over the place when I go to a watch store #100factsaboutme

29. I keep special things in my box. I love to keep cards, text message, letters, anything from my special ones #100factsaboutme

30. I used to collect cover of chocolate, snack, candy or anything I ate cus I found their cover unique #100factsaboutme

31. I dont really like coffee. I dont drink soda/soft drink. I prefer water, tea or juice. #100factsaboutme

32. I never drink any alcohol so I have been sober all years of my life. I might have one healthy liver :p #100factsaboutme

33. I dont smoke/use drugs.I hate those who smoke cus I consider them selfish! Stay away from me when you smoke! #100factsaboutme

34. I love all Apple products and make a pledge to always save my money to buy them lol #100factsaboutme

35. I am a gadget freaks! I prefer buying new gadget to buying clothes, shoes or foods! #100factsaboutme

36. I love watching movies! I used to watch 10-14 hours movie marathon in a day. I made the list of movies I watched! #100factsaboutme

37. I love sleeping. I prefer stay at home to hang out with friends. I enjoy quiet moment. #100factsaboutme

38. I have reunion syndrome! I am afraid of meeting new friends and old friends whom I never seen for years! #100factsaboutme

39. I have terrible sense of fashion! I only use t-shirt and jeans. I dont have dress. I never really use make-up! #100factsaboutme

40. I often find myself too critical and hard to myself. Like I dont want to be at ease to myself. #100factsaboutme

41. In my dreams I always believe I am a professional singer and I have great voice:p #100factsaboutme

42. I can type text message correctly without looking at my phone screen. My fingers have their own eyes;)) #100factsaboutme

43. I love driving my motorcycle and I have own mine for almost 14 years old! I have driven thousand kilos with it;) #100factsaboutme

44. I use my glasses when I sleep and I have developed an ability not to break it. I use glasses for more than 13years! #100factsaboutme

45. I dont use any earrings, ring or bracelet. I dont realy like using gold jewellery. #100factsaboutme

46. I prefer silver to gold and I prefer white gold to gold gold. If you know what I am talking about;) #100factsaboutme

47. I can’t drive a car, but I will learn how to drive when I have my own car. #100factsaboutme

48. I always get my nails trimmed cus I dont like long nail.I always have things for cotton buds.I use it once in a day. #100factsaboutme

49. I love wearing jackets!! I am always a tomboy. I am not into sports though I enjoy some of them. #100factsaboutme

50. I <3 someone in my twitter.I found this person so amazing, but things are just too complicated. They know what I feel #100factsaboutme

51. I love stalking my Twitter friends and let them know how I ship and adore them;) #100factsaboutme

52. I am a good student. I follow rules. I never cheat. Typical boring nice girl:p #100factsaboutme

53. Since I was in elementary school, I know I need to see professional help or psychologist. Something is wrong with me! #100factsaboutme

54. I want to learn different language and how to play music instruments. #100factsaboutme

55. I prefer strawberry to chocolate. In all kinds of things! #100factsaboutme

56. I was a national debater and I joined several English debate competition during my uni years. #100factsaboutme

57. I was a national accredited adjudicator. I was invited in several local and national debate competitions. #100factsaboutme

58. I have already worked while I was studying in uni. I already know how hard it is to get some money:p #100factsaboutme

59. I taught some university and junior hi school students and that was my first job ever;) #100factsaboutme

60. In my uni year, I was once a radio announcer in a local radio station. #100factsaboutme

61. I always think that my friends' life are wayyy more interesting than my own life. Sometimes I wish I were someone else. #100factsaboutme

62. I am clumsy and I easily get bruise. When I get too tired, bruises will suddenly appear in my legs or hands. #100factsaboutme

63. I am accountable to people who need me and I will always try to help my friends. #100factsaboutme

64. I love to be hugged and I love to cuddle. It always makes me feel better just to be held. #100factsaboutme

65. I am a loyal and sensitive person. I care like hell and most time I get disappointed cus people are too ignorant. #100factsaboutme

66. I am a typical jealous person and protect things/ people I love. I will stand by your side no matter what. #100factsaboutme

67. I have a craddle-to-the-grave friendship with my best friends in uni. They accept me the way I am. #100factsaboutme

68. IF I love someone I always let them know. I will fight for the one I love and wont bail on them. They might find me annoying :p

69. I really want to get a scholarship to study abroad cus I plan on leaving Indonesia to work overseas at the age 35 yo #100factsaboutme

70. I dont know what I want in my life. I dont really make plans. It's all blurry to me. #100factsaboutme

71. I work as a government officer in Ministry of Trade of The Republic of Indonesia.I handle Futures Trading licenses,etc. #100factsaboutme

72. My full name is Annisa Fitri Wulandari and it's sad that most online friends of mine rarely call me by name:p #100factsaboutme

73. I hate doing house chores:p #100factsaboutme

74. I always want to live in an apartment. I hope I will own it one day. #100factsabout

75. I always want to leave Indonesia. I have fear of living my true self. #100factsabout

76. I always want to run from reality and my life. I am so insecure that I often find myself unhappy. #100factsabout

77. I almost never buy a chocolate for my own. I buy chocolates for my friends. I tend to care about others than to myself. #100factsaboutme

78. When I travel to some places, the only thing I think is what to bring for my friends&family.I rarely think what I want. #100factsaboutme

79. When I am angry, I tend to zone out from people/ surrounding. I push my friends away to know who my truly friends are #100factsaboutme

80. I love Cheetos and Chitato. They are my favorite snacks! ;) #100factsaboutme

81.I would love to get xmas gift eventhough I dont celebrate it.It'll be awesome!I always remember @JillyBean032 will send me this year:p

82. I got a master scholarship from Ministry of Education but I havent finished my thesis #100factsaboutme

83. I graduate from state university as a cum laude student and I am proud of it. #100factsaboutme

84. I am a multi-tasking person. #100factsaboutme

85. I love listening to my iPod almost every time. #100factsaboutme

86. I sleep with a light-off and I love blanket. #100factsaboutme

87. I want to see @JillyBean032 @LuvShayMitchell @angelus24 @lxtacy @Mc_Dimples @Monster_Ren @rubyslippers11 @pedsIShardcore in person!

88. In accordance to #87, I'm not sure I'll be brave enough to meet them cus I am afraid of meeting new people. I am not a cool person:(

89. I have love&hate relationship with my parents.I always feel like they control my life&I want to leave them asap to live on my own.

90. I am stubborn, I used to love argumentation, but now I prefer to leave any confrontation. #100factsaboutme

91. I dont really like using parfume. But I can assure you I am not smelly:)) #100factsaboutme

92. I want to learn Photography and master it. I always love taking pictures and remember the moments in my life #100factsaboutme

93. I joined a science club in my high school and ever won a science competition with my team mates;) #100factsaboutme

94. I always found accounting, physics, and chemistry annoying lol I am a stupid student :p #100factsaboutme

95. I am not a mall person.When I go there I'll go to gadget section:p I hate accompanying my shopaolic friends who spend hours in mall:p

96. I love Sasha Alexander. I think Rizzoli and Isles should last for 10 more seasons lol #100factsaboutme

97. I wish one day I can go to UK, Holland and USA. #100factsaboutme

98. I always find myself not good enough for others. I love punishing myself. I am afraid I will never find my soulmate. #100factsaboutme

99. I can not type the keyboard by using 10 fingers. I can only use two fingers! #100factsaboutme

100. I believe in God, but sometimes I questioned Him for making me struggle so hard with my issue. How can I not be just like any other person? #100factsaboutme

.Words from Ginger Flores.

.words from Ginger.

Friend is the person you can run to when you’re down. I have so many great friends, I am thanking God for giving me the opportunity to know them all.

On Saturday 12th February 2011, @LuvShayMitchell said:

“@annisa_fw I think you’re a sensitive person. I think you tend to marinate in your emotions. I think you want/need attention. (You’re an amazing person so I think you deserve that, though) I think you’re scared to be who you really are in front of people you’re always around so you pretend everything is ok, because you want to please everybody whether that person is important or not. I think you put to much emphasis on people/things to make you happy instead of thinking, does this REALLY make me happy. I think you are a beautiful person, who cares deeply about people. You are capable of love and being true, supportive, protective and giving. I think you’re a person that was put in the wrong place. Where you’re at isn’t a place for you to flourish and show all your “colors” to the world.”

.ANNISA -a poem by angelwings24.

A Great friend of mine, Angel, made this poem for me! Thank you for the friendship! I cherish it every day of my life :)


I want to show you
 the beauty of the world
 and tell you how 
it is even more beautiful
 because you are in it and
 because you are you

I want to show you
 the goodness that life can offer 
and tell you that 
it does get better as time passes by 
but you need to learn 
how to be strong and patient

I want to show you 
the joy that friendship brings
 and tell you that
 you are not alone and you do not have 
to carry the weight of the world
 upon your shoulders

I want to show you 
the possibilities that can happen
 when you believe in yourself
 and tell you how
 great of a person you are
 because you care so much

And most of all I want to show you 
that there is at least
 one person out there
 who cares for you if you would 
only open yourself up to others 
and give the world a chance


*I dedicate this poem to my friend and also Annisa means woman in Arabic so I also dedicate this poem to other women out there who are down and in despair*

.lost in grey’s fandom.

I rarely write anything recently, simply because I get busy at work and I enjoy TWITTER too much! I have so many awesome friends from all over the world and I ship some of them LOL I will probably make a post about all those great friends of mine one day :D

I share my stories to them, I discover new feelings and the joy of having load of friends who love Grey’s Anatomy!! Now, I am living in a Grey’s Anatomy fandom and most time I don’t want to wake up to reality!! I know this sounds silly, but when the fantasy is wayyy better than the reality, it’s the perfect place to escape!

I am looking for the courage I need in their words and constant support in a perplex situation I have to go through. It’s something I would never get from my friends in here. So I am so thankful to finally found a community that can accept me and share common interest with me.

I really hope the friendship will last forever!

So if you ever try to find me, I will be nowhere but in my Grey’s Anatomy fandom! <3

.Thank You Twitter.

.you are not average.

.you are not average.

So, it’s just a snapshot of a tumblr post from a great friend of mine. It means a lot to me that she thinks I am not average. Mostly because she rarely gives any compliment lol

Thank YOU!