50 shades of T

I can’t believe i just finished reading 50 Shades of Grey. When I started reading it, I told myself that it would be only for a couple of chapters, but I guess I was intrigued to read the whole chapters. The crazy thing about reading the book was having to feel emotionally exposed and vulnerable. I thought about Teo A LOT and it was really painful. No, there were no BDSM whatsoever involved in our relationship, but T puzzled me as Christian did to Ana. Maybe it was just my crazy mind, I could get really attached to some characters when I read or watch something. But I can’t help thinking that T possessed some of Christian’s qualities. Here are some of the quotes that reminded me so much of T.

How does he switched so quickly from one mood to the next? He’s so mercurial… it’s hard to keep up.

I knew there was something weird about him. He has commitment issues.

I have fallen for someone who’s so emotionally shut down, I will only get hurt -deep down i know this- someone who by his own admission is completely fucked up.

He’s the most complicated person I know, and I cannot understand his ever-changing moods.

I know he’s moody, difficult, funny, cold, warm… jeez the man is a walking mass of contradiction.

He’s not capable of love -of giving or receiving love.

You should steer clear of me.

I could relate to Ana. I think she has a mission to safe Christian from himself, from the darkness, but it was so difficult that she got trapped inside the darkness instead. Some people probably won’t understand why Ana keeps on coming back to him. I ask myself the same question every time I get so vulnerable and think of running back to T. Ugh, stupid heart! I want to feel numb. I expose myself too much tonight, I think all this disclosure will heal me though. One day! In the meantime, I’ll be my own superhero.

ps. I kept listening to this song while reading the book. So much love for Ellie Goulding<3

Mitch Albom and Happiness in a Tablet

Happiness in a tablet. This is our world. Prozac. Paxil. Xanax. Billions are spent to advertise such drugs. And billions more are spent purchasing them. You don’t even need a specific trauma; just “general depression” or “anxiety”, as if sadness were as treatable as the common cold.

I know depression was real, and in many cases required medical attention. I also knew we overused the word. Much of what we called “depression” was really dissatisfaction, a result of setting a bar impossibly high or expecting treasures that we weren’t willing to work for. I knew people whose unbearable source of misery was their weight, their baldness, their lack of advancement in a workplace or their inability to find the perfect mate, even if they themselves did not behave like one. To these people, unhappiness was a condition, an intolerable state of affairs. If pills could help, pills were taken.

DIVORTIARE – The extended version by Ika Natassa

Ika Natassa baru aja nyelesain novel keduanya yang berjudul DIVORTIARE. Cara penceritaannya bagus. Emang bukan sekuel dari My Very Yuppy Wedding (yang merupakan novel pertama Ika yang buat gw ‘fall in love’ dengan karya2nya), tapi style dan tokoh-tokohnya terkesan nyata, apalagi ceritanya tentang wanita karir, persahabatan, cinta, komitmen dan juga tentang keberanian mengambil sikap. Mungkin karena novelnya sebagian berisi hal-hal non-fiksi, selain memang dibalut dengan cerita fiksi. Cari di Gramedia deh. Bukunya baru launching tgl 1 Juli lalu.


Ika Natassa Wrote:

Thanks for the support  ya.  Gw jawab satu2:

  • Kenapa titik koma, kalo titik doang ga ada tempat buat naro tulisan divortiare nya, kalo koma doang di atasnya kosong banget … Hehehe itu jawaban bloonnya.  Jawaban sebenernya, what’s really in my mind when I came up with the semi-colon thing adalah berakhirnya suatu hubungan (termasuk perceraian) bukan hal yang harusnya jadi titik di hidup kita (yg bikin smuanya berhenti), tapi juga bukan sekedar koma (yg hanya bikin kita berhenti sebentar trus langsung move on lagi).  Hal-hal seperti itu harusnya jadi titik koma, jeda kecil tempat kita bisa bercermin terhadap the rights and the wrongs in the past sebelum memutuskan besok hidup ini mau diapain.
  • Diskusi buku saat ini jadwalnya blon kepikir due to my impossible work schedule, tapi kalo ada pasti dikabarin d semuanya.

As for the extended part:
Read these extended chapters after page 214 on the book, baru kmudian lanjut ke halaman 215 di buku.

Happy birthday, nisa.

On 7/7/08 7:43 PM, “Annisa F. Wulandari” <annisa_fw@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dear Ika…
My name is Nisa. I have got ur new book,Divortiare (Finally!). Setelah gak bisa tidur nyenyak tiap malam karena pengeeen bgt cpt2 beli bukunya=) I love the story, I love everything inside it. I wish I cud receive the extended version.Here’s the answer.

I bought the book at Gramedia Lippo Supermal Karawaci. I gave myself this book as my own birthday gift=)hehe…
I luv it when you use ‘english expression’ in many parts of your book. I really enjoy reading every part of it!Yg paling aku suka adalah value dr bukumu. Ada nilai2 religi yg menunjukkan eksistensimu sbg muslim dalam porsi yg tidak berlebihan,tp aku suka.Buku DIVORTIARE romantis bgt sih.Tp gak norak!Hehe.
btw,boleh tanya ga?Knp cover-nya ada tanda titik koma?

Yg paling penting,semoga ada acara diskusi buku dgn penulis ya..Please inform kalau ada gathering di Jakarta. Biar skalian bs minta tanda tangan langsung=)hehe.

Success for you.Ditunggu buku selanjutnya.

Thank you.