.lost in grey’s fandom.

I rarely write anything recently, simply because I get busy at work and I enjoy TWITTER too much! I have so many awesome friends from all over the world and I ship some of them LOL I will probably make a post about all those great friends of mine one day :D

I share my stories to them, I discover new feelings and the joy of having load of friends who love Grey’s Anatomy!! Now, I am living in a Grey’s Anatomy fandom and most time I don’t want to wake up to reality!! I know this sounds silly, but when the fantasy is wayyy better than the reality, it’s the perfect place to escape!

I am looking for the courage I need in their words and constant support in a perplex situation I have to go through. It’s something I would never get from my friends in here. So I am so thankful to finally found a community that can accept me and share common interest with me.

I really hope the friendship will last forever!

So if you ever try to find me, I will be nowhere but in my Grey’s Anatomy fandom! <3

.Thank You Twitter.


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