.Words from Ginger Flores.

.words from Ginger.

Friend is the person you can run to when you’re down. I have so many great friends, I am thanking God for giving me the opportunity to know them all.

On Saturday 12th February 2011, @LuvShayMitchell said:

“@annisa_fw I think you’re a sensitive person. I think you tend to marinate in your emotions. I think you want/need attention. (You’re an amazing person so I think you deserve that, though) I think you’re scared to be who you really are in front of people you’re always around so you pretend everything is ok, because you want to please everybody whether that person is important or not. I think you put to much emphasis on people/things to make you happy instead of thinking, does this REALLY make me happy. I think you are a beautiful person, who cares deeply about people. You are capable of love and being true, supportive, protective and giving. I think you’re a person that was put in the wrong place. Where you’re at isn’t a place for you to flourish and show all your “colors” to the world.”


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