.about Annisa F. Wulandari.

So many things have changed and I feel the need to update my bio, but I find it difficult to explain myself. I am a 30-something girl who constantly seeks for the meaning of life and happiness. I love hiding in my room, I am not anti-social, but most time I find people annoying for no particular reason, I have difficulty adjusting myself to a new environment or any change. I have a thing about watch or clock. Not because I am punctual or anything, I am actually a chronic procrastinator.  I enjoy watching movies and TV series. I like singing although I rarely do it anymore now. I studied in Melbourne in 2012-2013 (and now Melbie always feels like a second home) and I love taking pictures of myself, the city, the people, the sky, the trees and the beauty. It’s like taking a break from the hectic life of Jakarta, running away from all the problems and getting to know myself better. Currently I am so into Japanese Idol (AKB48G), Paruru is my Oshi. I even join a selection for a leadership training in Japan because I wanna go to Japan. I am not twisted, but from time to time I easily get depressed. I think too much about what other people think about me, because no matter how hard I say to myself that people’s opinion doesn’t matter, it DOES matter. It affects me in a way I can not possibly understand. It’s just how my brain works. So yeah, the blog is where I share some stories. Enjoy!

Thailand, Feb 2016




  1. dearmarintan · October 15, 2011

    Mba Nisaaaaaa ^^

  2. rabbani75 · September 30, 2011

    salam kenal moga update terus

  3. opathebat · August 18, 2011

    salam kenaal :)

  4. yuni · September 22, 2010

    Hi.. salam kenal.. sesama pecinta grey’s anatomy…
    gak sabar nunggu season 7.. kyknya blog ini akan jd panduan sy buat tau ttg grey’s anatomy…

    • Annisa F. Wulandari · September 22, 2010

      Hi, Yuni..
      Wah, akhirnya ada juga pecinta Grey’s Anatomy Indonesia juga yang mampir ke blog ini:) Salam kenal…
      Iya, gak sabar banget nunggu Season7, Tanggal 23 September udah mulai dan biasanya link download-nya bisa dicari sehari setelahnya :)
      Makasih udah berkunjung, semoga ada informasi yang bisa didapat dari sini.

  5. mariskaajeng · June 17, 2010

    wow, senangnya disebut-sebut di blog kamu ;)

  6. warm · March 8, 2010

    salam kenal !

  7. Windri · March 1, 2010

    Hear hear! I also keep my stories, poems in my blog hehe

  8. ushi · February 23, 2010

    hai..shi mampir yah, nice blog

  9. Helvry · January 29, 2010

    Kunjungan pertamax ke blog wordpress.
    yang ke multiply sih udah

  10. suci · October 27, 2008

    hi.. nice blog :)
    salam kenal ya

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