#100 Happiness

I haven’t finished my #100Happiness project, I can only reach number 59. I dunno why, maybe it is because I can not find other things to make on the list or because I have trouble to memorize anything.

Sunday 28 April 2013, I finally completed the #100happiness project. So many things happened in the past months and I am grateful for everything. Thank you for all new experiences, lord <3 I am sure more happiness are coming my way :D

So here it goes =)

100. Having constant hope that one day the right person will come into my life. Hope is the light during darkest hours #100happiness

99. Bali trip with my family. I love them so much #100happiness

98. Cheap shoes #100happiness

97. Whenever I am able to articulate my objection toward something or say no to something I don’t want  to do #100happiness

96. Manila Ocean Park and Nemo :) #100happiness

95. Holiday in the Philippines and P. Galera. Most lovable and memorable things happened! #100happiness

94. Business trip to Chicago to attend Future Trading Conference at Hilton. Finally landed in USA! Woohoo!! #100happiness

93. Working Meeting of MoT last 2012. The first time I have this opportunity. Mr. GW is brilliant! #100happiness

92. Sony NEX3. So many beautiful pictures are taken because of it #100happiness

91. Booked tickets for my parents and aunt to come to Melbourne next November 2013 #100happiness

90. IKEA IKEA IKEA! BEST BEST BEST! #100happiness

89. Went to cinema with classmates after the first semester is done. We were watching Madagscar 3 #100happiness

88. Dinosaur exhibition at Melbourne Museum #100happiness

87. Back home and hang out with BFF. Love it when they are around me #100happiness

86. Toast with peanut and cheese #100happiness

85. New books #100happiness

84. Free General Entry for Australian Grand Prix 2013 #100happiness

83. SEF Nights and SEF Family Gathering :) I look beautiful in black dress ^^ #100happiness

82. Walking around the city with fellow SEFers who attended WorldMUN. They are lucky! #100happiness

81. Ingrid Michaleson live in Concert last September 2012. I met fellow fans there, Gloria :) #100happiness

80. Sitting in a 3/3a tram wandering around Balaklava and St. Kilda #100happiness

79. Submitted-assignments before due date #100happiness

78. My course at Monash University. I have the best tutors and lecturers! #100happiness

77. ALDI. So much love for this store :) #100happiness

76. Attended Dawn Service in Anzac Day last 25 April 2013. There were 50,000 people gathered at Shrine of Remembrance that day! SCORE! #100happiness

75. Shrine of Remembrance and St. Kilda Beach. My two most favorite place in the city. I can go here everyday if I can #100happiness

74. The first time in Melbourne! Can’t describe the feeling. It was the most magical feeling #100happiness

73. Roadtrip to The Great Ocean Road with Jo, K, Farah and Halim. It was memorable. The view are gorgeous! Subhanallah #100happiness

72. New addiction >> Free Sample from OzBargain! It’s pretty awesome Australia has this site XD #100happiness

71. POSTCARDS! I love postcards :)

70. Selected to be part of #HumanBrochure and visited Canberra last October 2012. I met great friends there! Inspiring! #100happiness

69. KMART, TARGET and REJECT SHOP. Who doesn’t love cheap stuffs? :D #100happiness

68. Gyu Tan Don at Menya #100happiness

67. CheeseQuesadilla and Burrito at MadMex #100happiness


65. Cooking #100happiness

64. Walking-distance campus :) #100happiness

63. Beautiful room with huge window in Bates St! #100happiness

62. Good guy friends in Melbourne. Never thought we can be close, but they are hilarious and awesome! #100happiness

61. Cheap roundtrip tickets to other cities or countries #100happiness

60. Studying in Melbourne. Dream comes true! #100happiness

59. Everytime I hit the gym and run for miles and find myself sweating. #100happiness

58. Fruits! I love all kinds of fruits and it makes me feel health #100happiness

57. See happiness in others faces for what I do for them. You don’t have any idea how smile is so infectious! ;) #100happiness

56. My debate team mate @Its_Veetha &Kiky; all the training+matches we’ve been through together.My pleasure to join the team! #100happiness

55. Help my brothers and see their smile because of what I can do to them. #100Happiness

54. Project Officer of The 27th SEF Anniversary;coordinating several occasions incl. charity,debate competition,kids comp,etc #100Happiness

53. A reply from Sheetal Sheth just bcoz I RT my friend’s tweet about her hope to see SS playing as Az’s ex gf in GreysAnatomy #100Happiness

52. Perform daily routine to trim my nails and clean my ear canal. I always have things with cotton buds and nail clipper:p #100Happiness

51. @PedsIsHardcore calling me ‘A’, giving me ‘:):):):):):)’ icon, ‘prescribing’ me a cure for headache, tweeting sweet words! #100Happiness

50. Traveling with bike in Bali with @drostia,sharing my secret in Benton Junction,feeling like I was being heard & understood #100Happiness

49. TUMBLR and all the things people post about my favorite actress and singers #100Happiness

48. First day of every month! It’s sallary day :)) lol #100Happiness

47. WATCHES!! #100Happiness

46. Being ‘The Captain Of CressWood Ship’.Approved by Your Highness @Moster_Ren:)I need @Mc_dimples to give me her blessing :p #100Happiness

45. Sitting on a boat, looking at the sky, enjoying sea garden, listening to iPod in Bunaken, North Sulawesi! #100Happiness

44. Surprise gifts I found on my desk the morning I arrived at office.Those are from @Riri_Frida.How wonderful u are, Mbakyu:) #100Happiness

43. Wonderful surprise in my 21nd birthday from fellow debaters and coach

42. SARA BAREILLES Concert Ticket next May 2011 :) It’s like a dream come true. Sara Bareilles is coming to Indonesia!!! :) #100Happiness

41. Emails, funny vid of @angelus24 singing ‘You’ve Got A Friend’ to help me cope with my crappy days and nice chat.:) #100Happiness

40. My girl crush,Ladya Cheryl.I adore her ever since she played in AADC. I finally got the chance to meet her in person

39. RIZZOLI AND ISLES! Being introduced to Sasha Alexander and Angie Harmon is one of the BEST thing everrr!! #100Happiness

38. Lost Girl, Lauren, Bo and Kenzie! #100Happiness #Fangirl

37. Staying in my bed all day watching my favorite series :) #100Happiness

36. SLEEPING! #100Happiness

35. The first ‘stranger’ who are willing to be my support system during one of my hardest phase in life @LuvShayMitchell :)#100Happiness

34. Seeing my own smile! I am not being narcissistic, but I feel like my smile is contagious (at least to myself) lol #100Happiness

33. Great pictures of myself taken by my friends. I love it when they captured my cute facial expression:)) #100Happiness

32. @JillyBean032 simply makes me happy when she’s around. xxx #100Happiness (ps. I reserve #32 for you! lol)

31. Anggie -my PaoPao. She’s the best!! #100Happiness

30. Receiving e-mails from close friends. It’s that YAY moment when I find the letter in my inbox. #100Happiness

29. Bluberry Pancake @ Mr Pancake and Bluberry Cheesecake @ Cheese Cake Factory #100Happiness

28. Holy Ramadhan! I love it when people are not smoking and eating and trying to hold their anger:) Lovely month!! #100happiness

27. My favorite Apple. I never thought I will ever get the money to buy them. Where there’s a will, there’s a way:p #100happiness

26. Lebaran!! Meet the whole family and eat anything I want:) A good moment to ask forgiveness. #100happiness

25. Receive a new song in my gmail from @GunturPrima. #100happiness

24. My very first kiss. You know who you are! #100happiness

23. All kinds of Pizza and Pasta. I love Italian foods :) #100happiness

22. Toast with Strawberry Jam and Cheese!! #100happiness

21. Musikal Laskar Pelangi never cease to amaze me!! #100happiness

20. Singing in a private karaoke room. I

19. Writing notes/ updating my blog and have so many friends commenting about it. I love it when they enjoy reading it

18. Body massage and facial treatment at @gitaarwanacakti’s Samara SPA, Bekasi ;) #100happiness

17. H&R T-Shirts! My closet has all collection of that particular brand when I was in uni lol #100happiness

16. Field Trip to Bandung,watched Saung Angklung Udjo&went to Tangkuban Perahu with @tamitardhani @sppratama&friends last 2009.#100happiness

15. Gym Time and light convos about life, future and work with @inariana every 5pm! #100happiness

14. Scrabble time with @noviariadi, @atika_anggi and Kak Amet in Benton Junction last February ;) #100happiness

13. Being hugged and kissed by my close friends. Always make me feel at ease and comfortable. #100happiness

12. Witnessing UNSOED A as the Runner-Up in IVED. The highest position for the past 10years? @raniemori & team made us PROUD! #100happiness

11. Won a debate match against the black horse, STAN and finally went to elimination round in JOVED UPH. #100happiness

10. Shonda Rhimes and Grey’s Anatomy. A series that lead me to have lots of beautiful friend around the world. #100happiness

9. Calliope Torres and Arizona Robbins #100happiness

8. Waking up in a luxurious hotel paid the office during the business trip ;)) lol #100happiness

7. Mie Siram Solaria. Heavenly delicious;) #100happiness

6. 2008 Graduation Day! Cum Laude student. Made my parents proud of me ;) #100happiness

5. ColdStone Strawberry Ice Cream. Yumm #100happiness

4. Sitting by the window on the way from or to airport. #100happiness

3. Hot Tea in the morning always a good thing to start a day! #100happiness

2. Driving with my motorcycle. I bet I have traveled thousand kilos with my baby motor. She is with me since I was 15yo! #100happiness

1. Travel with plane. My very first flight was 14 June 2008; Seat 17E; Lion Air; Pilot Mr Dodi Rukmana. It was VERY exciting;) #100happiness



  1. opathebat · August 18, 2011

    aku mau… boleh kuambil idenya?

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