Little Hero | IATSS Forum X Jejakecil

Took a train to Bandung after work to support an IATSS Forum Alumni event. So happy to be a part of a good cause. I feel like I haven’t given enough to the community after my return from Japan. So when Mas Angga introduced the project, I was so excited. In 2017, Silk and I ever visited JEJAKECIL, a small initiative education community for children in Bandung, West Java.. Mas Angga’s daughter is one of the students there. We were thinking of what we can do to collaborate with them. A year later, the collaborative event was finally held. The title was LITTLE HERO because we were targeting the event for pre-school kids (1-5 yo).

The concept of the activity is building children’s awareness in environment sustainability by doing waste management from the early age in a fun way & building pride to children by being a HERO for the environment.

The activity is being held weekly with different theme (Cleanliness, Sorting Waste, Organic Waste and Recycle) for a total of 1 month during July 2018.

Last Saturday, Indonesia IATSS Forum Alumni gathered in Bandung and played with the kids while teaching them how to sort different waste, create a hand puppet and drawing using paper waste. Some of the alumni also sat behind a cardboard theater doing a fun puppet play. Both the kids and the alumni were having a lot of fun. So much positive energy for a good cause.

We also held a mini workshop about waste management and alternatives for the facilitators of Jejakecil. The speaker, Mba Denok from the 50th batch shared about her work and passion in managing waste in the community. It was so inspiring. Everyone was amazed and moved to start taking care of the environment.

We never forget to put in some good words about IATSS Forum leadership training to the Jejakecil facilitators and invited them to join the selection next year.

Special thanks to the team; Mas Angga, Mba Denok, Zuni, Anggun, Borries, Mas Rambo, Mas Yuri dan rekan-rekan IIFA lainnya, Pak Abdi, Bu Dani, Mba Luci, Mba Shanty, Bu Tuty. Special thanks to #Jejakecil facilitators: Kak Gio, Kak Rena, Kak Early, dkk.

“Upon my return home” Report

Dear Silk and Midori,
This is Annisa, the 56th Batch IF participant from Jakarta, Indonesia. Thank you so much for your replies. 

Life in Jakarta has been surreal. When I left Suzuka that Monday morning, I kept on denying the fact that I’m leaving Japan for good. 

I thought it was only for a field trip (in Kansai area or Tokyo). In a week, I’d be returning to Suzuka and see you all again :-(

The first time I landed in Soekarno-Hatta airport and went into the toilet, I was slapped by reality; I have returned to a familiar smell of this city. 

I have adjusted myself well to life in Japan, that’s why many things shocked me upon my return.

When we queued to claim our luggage, I was overwhelmed by the aggressiveness of Jakartans and their impatience to queue. I decided to just sit and wait until most of them leave before I look for mine.

When my dad drove me back to our home, I was so stressed out because everyone was in a hurry, they’d speed up and drive carelessly. No one seemed to have the ‘safety first’ attitude and I kept on complaining about it. We were also greeted by traffic jam! It’s so stressful. 

Rainy season is coming. In the afternoon and at night, it’s been raining constantly. It reminded me so much of our first weeks in Suzuka. The difference is that, none of my friends and IF staffs are here with me. It’s been a little lonely. 

I have always missed Indonesian food when I was in Japan, but when I tasted the food here, everything tastes too salty, too spicy, too much MSG, too not healthy. Even my tastebuds is overwhelmed! 

I miss Sora Tabeyo and cafeteria food, I miss having dinner and lunch with y’all. I miss all the random talks we had during and after the meal. 

My colleagues complained because I kept on sitting in my desk and looked at my laptop instead of interacting with them. 

I have to put on an ‘auto-mode’ here. I am still not ready to return back to life before IF. They don’t know I struggle so much to have a sense of normalcy in this place. 

Right now nothing is normal, everything is new to me. I forgot my official working hour, I forgot which days should I wear the office uniform, I even forgot where I put my ID Card. I had to ask my colleagues and they were laughing. They thought I was joking!

You are always in our mind and heart. I keep on replying all the videos and seeing all the pictures I have on my phone. There’s just too many memories. The good thing is that, the participants keep on talking and sharing their daily life through Whatsapp and Facebook group. I feel a little less lonely. 

We are glad to hear that you are missing us as well. I guess the Goodbye video really got to you. All the quietness eventually make you miss us even more. 

Have a good day at work. 

I love and miss you with every fiber of my being <3


2,5 hrs in Nagoya

My best friend introduced me to the 48G and now I become one of their wota :) They were also one of the reasons I got so interested in learning and getting to know about Japan, but being a wota is not always bad though. I was motivated to go to Japan and now here I am :) I also learn some 48G songs (japanese version) and able to sing some of them now. Oh well, there was a time when I only listen to their songs, so no wonder I can hum and sing their songs :P

It’s the second self-development day. In the morning I went to Yokaicchi Pollution and Environmental Museum for Future Awareness and eventually left for Nagoya in the afternoon. It was only a short 35min train ride to get there (¥620 from Yokaicchi station to Nagoya). Nagoya is quite big and they have different train ride; kintetsu , meitetsu, subway, etc. They key is to ask the right person when you’re confused lol I usually ask a younger people because some of them speak English well. I got so many help today. So grateful, my solo trip to Nagoya was all fine.

My only destination in Nagoya is Sunshine Sakae where SKE48 theater is located. Unfortunately no show in the afternoon. It’s still good to see it though.
I wish I could explore more though. I still wanna go to Nagoya Castle. But the time isn’t enough and the bus schedule back to Suzuka Circuit is limited, so it’s gonna be more costly to take taxi from Shiroko Station back to the hotel (¥2,500). Even the bus (single) fare from Shiroko station to Suzuka Circuit is rather expensive for me (¥400 or IDR52,000). Won’t complain about it though, living in Japan is obviously more expensive if I compare it to Indonesia, so just enjoy it :) Overall, I AM HAPPY! 


Once Upon A Time in Seattle

I have always dreamt of visiting Seattle because I am so obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy. I finally went here on January 2014. Seattle’s weather changes constantly; one minute it was raining, the next minute the sun was shining so bright. Went to the amazing Seattle’s Space Needle and explored downtown Seattle on foot. I met a new friend from South Korea and we’ve been sending postcards ever since<3

About Mickey, Seaworld, Transjakarta and another random stuffs

Woke up early in the morning because I can’t seem to sleep well last night. I was reading Jodi Picoult’s Sing You Home when I finally fell asleep. It’s funny how I always complain about not having enough time to read my book’s collection but when I have plenty of time like now, I end up doing something else other than reading. My summer break is not effective at all. I sleep all day or watch TV. I keep on procrastinating my plans to renew the passport, driving license, check my eyes, and some other things I planned back when I was in Melbourne. I do better and accomplish more when I am busy.

Since the morning I googled information about tourist attraction in Jakarta. I still have more than 50 days left in Indonesia before I come back to Melbourne. I keep on telling myself that I can do so many things during my break. I remember planning lots of things when I was busy at work and looking for an escape from all the routine. I have the whole 3 months to do so and all I do is hiding in my room. Whatta social idiot I have become! I hate myself most of the time because of this!

Some new things I understand after I read random blogs:
1. Rats hate the smell of peppermint oil. Living in the biggest market in Southeast Asia (read: Tanah Abang) has its consequences. This place needs pest control! The newest thing Mickey Mouse did in my home was gnawing my money! Not just some money, but Rp.50k and Rp.10k. It seemed to ignore my Rp1k and Rp2k. Do the Rp.50k taste better?!? It really knows how to piss me off since I keep all my food in the container.
2. Seaworld Indonesia website is NOT MOBILE-FRIENDLY! It’s not irrelevant to be disappointed about this matter because a mobile-friendly web is what 72% of customers want (based on Google research). I hope more Indonesian companies pay attention on this simple yet important issue.
3. Transjakarta for IPhone is a paid apps. It’s not expensive, it’s less than a dollar. Problem is, the developer doesn’t seem to fix bugs on regular basis. The last update I found was last May 2011. It is more than 1,5 years ago!! >;,<; Maybe I am used to using PTV (Public Transportation Victoria) and I am being spoiled with its easy access. PTV apps is reliable and it's free. I hope it won't be too long until our transportation system is more reliable and comfortable to use. Oh, here's an interesting approach of viewing the transportation system in Indonesia by Adhitia Mulya.
4. I end up thinking that my motorbike is the most reliable and fastest mode of transportation to wander around Jakarta. The traffic is unbearable and I hate wasting time on the road :-/ Sigh

I was going to to visit Seaworld Indonesia today, but in the end of my googling, I finally decided not to go there, but to go to Monas and get some good shots of this national monument. Lets hope the sun is shining bright today :-)