#100 Facts About Me

Yay to finally make time to compile them all from my Twitter page :D

1. I have two brothers, they are 23yo and 17yo. My brother just graduated from uni yesterday! #100factsaboutme

2. I convinced myself that no one will ever pay attention to my #100factsaboutme cus I dont think people are interested to my life.

3. I have this #FactsAboutMe games with a special person in my life and doing this #100factsaboutme makes me remember this person the most.

4. I am insecure and most time it gets the best of me and makes me depressed. #100factsaboutme

5. I have low self-esteem and find myself constantly looking for acceptance from the people surround me. No good! #100factsaboutme

6. I am a helplessly romantic person and I believe that love worths fighting. #100factsaboutme

7. I have good childhood,loving parents&siblings,but I alwys thought Im different frm my friends.Not sure what goes wrong! #100factsaboutme

8. I found my Twitter friends are making my life colorful.Some of them helped me struggle with a difficult phase of my life #100factsaboutme

9. I always keep all my cinema tickets in a special box. #100factsaboutme

10. I tend to leave people than to be left behind. I always thought I am not good enough for others. #100factsaboutme

11. I have negative point of view about life and I have this fear of living. #100factsaboutme

12. There’s no female singer I love more that my love for Sara Bareilles. I found this woman amazing and talented! #100factsaboutme

13. I already have my VVIP ticket to see Sara Bareilles concert next May 2011. I will sit in the 3rd row and drool over her #100factsaboutme

14. I looooove Grey’s Anatomy and I am not afraid of showing people how much I love it;) #100factsaboutme

15. I am a calzona fangirl and always hope that one day I will meet Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw in person #100factsaboutme

16. I am always afraid that I will end up alone. I dont have any mental picture of me getting married to anyone. Sad! #100factsaboutme

17. I love traveling and always hope to be an Ambassador for Indonesia. But life goes the other way around. #100factsaboutme

18. I found it really hard to list #100factsaboutme cus I have a messed up memory. I cant remember much of my past #100factsaboutme

19. IF I love someone, I will definitely do anything in my power to show it to them and make them happy. #100factsaboutme

20. I am a people pleaser. I find it hard to say NO to anyone. #100factsaboutme

21. I love giving gifts to people. Mostly because I love giving attention and show them how special they are in my life #100factsaboutme

22. I have amazing friends in Twitter! I wish I could see them in person. Most of them are very supportive and helpful #100factsaboutme

23. I am not a motivated person.I need friends to push me to excel myself; those who believe I am smart and I can do better #100factsaboutme

24. I always find myself not attractive. Most time I believe I am so ugly that it hurts myself so bad. #100factsaboutme

25. Gravity by Sara Bareilles is the most played song in my iPod. I have it played for more than 1000 times. #100factsaboutme

26. Most time I forget word and I feel like my brain is hiding it from me. I have this fear that I might suffer from Alzheimer or Parkinson.

27. I am a procrastinator and I always fashionably late. I set my watch 15minutes later than the actual time. #100factsaboutme

28. I realized I love collecting watch and my eyes are all over the place when I go to a watch store #100factsaboutme

29. I keep special things in my box. I love to keep cards, text message, letters, anything from my special ones #100factsaboutme

30. I used to collect cover of chocolate, snack, candy or anything I ate cus I found their cover unique #100factsaboutme

31. I dont really like coffee. I dont drink soda/soft drink. I prefer water, tea or juice. #100factsaboutme

32. I never drink any alcohol so I have been sober all years of my life. I might have one healthy liver :p #100factsaboutme

33. I dont smoke/use drugs.I hate those who smoke cus I consider them selfish! Stay away from me when you smoke! #100factsaboutme

34. I love all Apple products and make a pledge to always save my money to buy them lol #100factsaboutme

35. I am a gadget freaks! I prefer buying new gadget to buying clothes, shoes or foods! #100factsaboutme

36. I love watching movies! I used to watch 10-14 hours movie marathon in a day. I made the list of movies I watched! #100factsaboutme

37. I love sleeping. I prefer stay at home to hang out with friends. I enjoy quiet moment. #100factsaboutme

38. I have reunion syndrome! I am afraid of meeting new friends and old friends whom I never seen for years! #100factsaboutme

39. I have terrible sense of fashion! I only use t-shirt and jeans. I dont have dress. I never really use make-up! #100factsaboutme

40. I often find myself too critical and hard to myself. Like I dont want to be at ease to myself. #100factsaboutme

41. In my dreams I always believe I am a professional singer and I have great voice:p #100factsaboutme

42. I can type text message correctly without looking at my phone screen. My fingers have their own eyes;)) #100factsaboutme

43. I love driving my motorcycle and I have own mine for almost 14 years old! I have driven thousand kilos with it;) #100factsaboutme

44. I use my glasses when I sleep and I have developed an ability not to break it. I use glasses for more than 13years! #100factsaboutme

45. I dont use any earrings, ring or bracelet. I dont realy like using gold jewellery. #100factsaboutme

46. I prefer silver to gold and I prefer white gold to gold gold. If you know what I am talking about;) #100factsaboutme

47. I can’t drive a car, but I will learn how to drive when I have my own car. #100factsaboutme

48. I always get my nails trimmed cus I dont like long nail.I always have things for cotton buds.I use it once in a day. #100factsaboutme

49. I love wearing jackets!! I am always a tomboy. I am not into sports though I enjoy some of them. #100factsaboutme

50. I <3 someone in my twitter.I found this person so amazing, but things are just too complicated. They know what I feel #100factsaboutme

51. I love stalking my Twitter friends and let them know how I ship and adore them;) #100factsaboutme

52. I am a good student. I follow rules. I never cheat. Typical boring nice girl:p #100factsaboutme

53. Since I was in elementary school, I know I need to see professional help or psychologist. Something is wrong with me! #100factsaboutme

54. I want to learn different language and how to play music instruments. #100factsaboutme

55. I prefer strawberry to chocolate. In all kinds of things! #100factsaboutme

56. I was a national debater and I joined several English debate competition during my uni years. #100factsaboutme

57. I was a national accredited adjudicator. I was invited in several local and national debate competitions. #100factsaboutme

58. I have already worked while I was studying in uni. I already know how hard it is to get some money:p #100factsaboutme

59. I taught some university and junior hi school students and that was my first job ever;) #100factsaboutme

60. In my uni year, I was once a radio announcer in a local radio station. #100factsaboutme

61. I always think that my friends' life are wayyy more interesting than my own life. Sometimes I wish I were someone else. #100factsaboutme

62. I am clumsy and I easily get bruise. When I get too tired, bruises will suddenly appear in my legs or hands. #100factsaboutme

63. I am accountable to people who need me and I will always try to help my friends. #100factsaboutme

64. I love to be hugged and I love to cuddle. It always makes me feel better just to be held. #100factsaboutme

65. I am a loyal and sensitive person. I care like hell and most time I get disappointed cus people are too ignorant. #100factsaboutme

66. I am a typical jealous person and protect things/ people I love. I will stand by your side no matter what. #100factsaboutme

67. I have a craddle-to-the-grave friendship with my best friends in uni. They accept me the way I am. #100factsaboutme

68. IF I love someone I always let them know. I will fight for the one I love and wont bail on them. They might find me annoying :p

69. I really want to get a scholarship to study abroad cus I plan on leaving Indonesia to work overseas at the age 35 yo #100factsaboutme

70. I dont know what I want in my life. I dont really make plans. It's all blurry to me. #100factsaboutme

71. I work as a government officer in Ministry of Trade of The Republic of Indonesia.I handle Futures Trading licenses,etc. #100factsaboutme

72. My full name is Annisa Fitri Wulandari and it's sad that most online friends of mine rarely call me by name:p #100factsaboutme

73. I hate doing house chores:p #100factsaboutme

74. I always want to live in an apartment. I hope I will own it one day. #100factsabout

75. I always want to leave Indonesia. I have fear of living my true self. #100factsabout

76. I always want to run from reality and my life. I am so insecure that I often find myself unhappy. #100factsabout

77. I almost never buy a chocolate for my own. I buy chocolates for my friends. I tend to care about others than to myself. #100factsaboutme

78. When I travel to some places, the only thing I think is what to bring for my friends&family.I rarely think what I want. #100factsaboutme

79. When I am angry, I tend to zone out from people/ surrounding. I push my friends away to know who my truly friends are #100factsaboutme

80. I love Cheetos and Chitato. They are my favorite snacks! ;) #100factsaboutme

81.I would love to get xmas gift eventhough I dont celebrate it.It'll be awesome!I always remember @JillyBean032 will send me this year:p

82. I got a master scholarship from Ministry of Education but I havent finished my thesis #100factsaboutme

83. I graduate from state university as a cum laude student and I am proud of it. #100factsaboutme

84. I am a multi-tasking person. #100factsaboutme

85. I love listening to my iPod almost every time. #100factsaboutme

86. I sleep with a light-off and I love blanket. #100factsaboutme

87. I want to see @JillyBean032 @LuvShayMitchell @angelus24 @lxtacy @Mc_Dimples @Monster_Ren @rubyslippers11 @pedsIShardcore in person!

88. In accordance to #87, I'm not sure I'll be brave enough to meet them cus I am afraid of meeting new people. I am not a cool person:(

89. I have love&hate relationship with my parents.I always feel like they control my life&I want to leave them asap to live on my own.

90. I am stubborn, I used to love argumentation, but now I prefer to leave any confrontation. #100factsaboutme

91. I dont really like using parfume. But I can assure you I am not smelly:)) #100factsaboutme

92. I want to learn Photography and master it. I always love taking pictures and remember the moments in my life #100factsaboutme

93. I joined a science club in my high school and ever won a science competition with my team mates;) #100factsaboutme

94. I always found accounting, physics, and chemistry annoying lol I am a stupid student :p #100factsaboutme

95. I am not a mall person.When I go there I'll go to gadget section:p I hate accompanying my shopaolic friends who spend hours in mall:p

96. I love Sasha Alexander. I think Rizzoli and Isles should last for 10 more seasons lol #100factsaboutme

97. I wish one day I can go to UK, Holland and USA. #100factsaboutme

98. I always find myself not good enough for others. I love punishing myself. I am afraid I will never find my soulmate. #100factsaboutme

99. I can not type the keyboard by using 10 fingers. I can only use two fingers! #100factsaboutme

100. I believe in God, but sometimes I questioned Him for making me struggle so hard with my issue. How can I not be just like any other person? #100factsaboutme


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