OMG! Kina Grannis hugged me!

YES! She hugged me <333 I can’t take my eyes off of her! Kina is so freaking adorable, pretty, supremely talented, funny, and humble. I couldn’t believe she’s actually REAL! I got the best seat in the front row. I was so happy when she announced the change of venue to Teater Salihara. I have been wanting to go there! The venue is a bit far from my office though, it took me almost an hour to get there (thank you, Google maps!). I did beat Jakarta’s traffic (like I promised her on my twitter) *grin

The opening performances were Imaginary Futures (Kina’s hubby –no thanks for breaking my heart, woman! :P)  and Gentle Bones. They were pretty cool!

It was almost 10pm when Kina finally sang her first song. There were more or less 15 songs. Her voice is so sweet and has a calming effect. I took some pics and recorded some performances on my phone.

The meet and greet was held after the show. I lost words and my heart beat so fast. I asked silly questions; do you listen to Sara Bareilles’ songs? how is married life? how to mend a broken heart? *LOL* I mentally created different (and BETTER!)  kind of questions in my head prior the show, but I totally forgot them after she hugged me. She was really friendly. I got my t-shirt signed, got some pictures taken on my phone and a selfie. it was an awesome night! I badly need a good break after shitty weeks at work.

Here is the Jakarta set list:

  1. Dear River
  2. The Fire
  3. In Your Arms
  4. Oh Father
  5. Winter
  6. Throw It Away
  7. Write it in the sky
  8. Message From Your Heart
  9. I knew this would be love
  10. Little worrier
  11. Sweater Weather
  12. Forever Blue
  13. My Dear


  1. Valentine
  2. The One You Say Goodnight To

She’s on her Southeast Asia tour now. If you’re in Taipei, Hongkong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, go get your tickets NOW! You should NOT miss her tour :) I bet the Manila show will be the best! Filipinos are the best people! Wanna see more of her :( I can’t move on from her show just yet. Her songs are playing on repeat this whole day. #SorryNotSorry

Photo of the day :P


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