Why I miss Japan…

Leaving Japan was difficult for me. Adjusting to life in Jakarta is not as smooth as I want it to be. There are some reasons why it’s not easy.

  1. I fall in love with someone and although it’s a one-sided love, still it hurts to leave the place and the person.
  2. The people in Japan are my new family. I get so close to some of them. I wish I could be more open about who I am though. I am tired of hiding who I really am.
  3. The amazing staffs of IF. Always so inspiring, smart and hardworking.
  4. I love all the routine and the busy schedule.
  5. I love the food. I didn’t even have to think about what to eat. They have prepared everything.
  6. Free alcohols whenever we had a field trip outside Suzuka lol
  7. No crazy traffic jam.
  8. I stayed in a hotel and they clean up the room everyday, except Sunday!
  9. Sora Tabeyo; A buffet breakfast. I miss ice coffee, salmon, seaweed and ice cream.
  10. Meiji Milk (the one Silk always bought for me lol)
  11. Cool and fresh weather.
  12. Japanese class with Mie-san :D
  13. Singing while Tickgate is playing guitar
  14. ASEAN Cultural Day dance practice
  15. Setting up Indonesian booth for the ASEAN Cultural Day
  16. Playing congklak with Silk
  17. Singing and dancing + Zumba with Tomoe
  18. Field trip to Kobe, Kyoto, Tokyo, Nara
  19. Take the staffs back to their cars
  20. Cycling with friends to AEON Mall

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