About her

I thought I had lost Tamita for good, but I guess people would stay in your life for as long as you allow them to be. Just like any relationships, friendship requires some work to maintain and grow. It’s been more than 6 months since I last spoke to her, and although we’re no longer Facebook friends, but FB somehow constantly reminded me of the convos we had in the years passed by. All those wall messages made me miss her even more. We were best friends.

I was so upset when I finally decided to remove myself from her life, I deleted her contact number, I unfriended her on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, FB) and moved on with my life. We’ve been friends since 2008 though, we met when we studied at Sahid. Even during her study in Malaysia, we remained close. So I was unsettled when misunderstanding happened between us and the friendship went to waste. I guess we were both too proud and selfish to acknowledge the issue. Ego ruins everything!

Last week I finally sent her an email, explaining why I did what I did. I poured out my emotions. I guess I got my message across because her reply was everything I wish I’d hear as an explanation of what happened between us.

Funny thing was, once I read her e-mail, I felt better already. I am done with being angry at her. I realised that I don’t want to lose her friendship. It wasn’t even awkward when I started sending her whatsapp messages. What made me even happier was, she started to reconnect with our two other friends. I am hopeful that things will be normal among the four of us. It’s so easy to talk to her again, the story flows smoothly. I guess we’ve been missing each other, eh? So many stories happened during our ‘time-out’,  we definitely need to catch up. I learn so much about her and about myself from this ‘friendship test’. I promise I will be a better friend.


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