My Top 30 AKB48 songs 

Random post! I’m listening to Himawari on Repeat since last night. Jurina, Tomocin, Ume chan and Sae Chan’s performance @TokyoDome was freaking awesome!

JKT48 is going to hold its very first Request Hour on the 27th of February 2016 @BalaiSarbini Jakarta. People can vote their favourite songs out of 215 JKT48’s songs. The ticket is publicly sold today, I got myself the platinum ticket (IDR800,000). I am excited! Go get yours and vote for #JKT48RH2016. Link for the ticket click here

When I think about which AKB48 songs I love the most, I really can’t choose (there’s just too many to choose!). However, I finally put Bokutachi Wa Tatakawanai on my #1 list because it’s the first AKB48 song that makes me fall in love with AKB48. It’s a perfect #1 as well because Paruru is center and the MV is super awesome.

Here’s my Top 30
1. Bokutachi Wa Tatakawanai

2. Gingham Check

3. First Rabbit

4. Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby

5. Eien Pressure

6. River

7. Iiwake Maybe


9. Kibouteki Refrain

10. Ponytail to Shushu

11. Oogoe Diamond

12. Yume No Kawa

13. Himawari

14. Shonichi

15. Juuryoku Sympathy

16. Bingo!

17. Koi Suru Fotune Cookie

18. Kimi Wo Kimi Wo Kimi Wo

19. Tomodachi de Irareru Nara

20. Labrador Retriever

21. Manatsu No Sounds Good

22. Kimi no koto ga suki dakara

23. Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka?

24. Shoujotachi Yo

25. Sakura No Shiori

26. Everyday, Kachuusa

27. Beginner

28. Heavy Rotation

29. Madonna no Sentaku

30. Kinou Yori Motto Suki

What’s your fave?


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