One of those days

Today I have a pretty rough day at work. We had a group meeting (around 50 people in the group from my division). Each and every head of sub divisions were sharing thoughts and evaluation of 2015. I waited for my turn and I expressed all my concern working there. I explained my need to feel comfortable working in the organization. I urged the people to be more gender-sensitive and avoid making jokes that’d discredit women. I had to say my concern because some of my colleagues and supervisors often throw nasty jokes about women and it makes me angry. I also asked for my rights to have personal leave (FYI, my boss is an ass when it comes to giving annual leave permission to his staff). I even asked to leave work on time (when there’s nothing urgent) (again, it’s because my boss dislikes staff who go home on time. WTF?! -as if I have nothing else to do outside the office). And he keeps on saying “you’re a single lady, you have no husband or child to take care of” (yeah, my working environment is awful, it makes me angry!). I also said some of my personal feeling about the lack of opportunity to improve myself (because I feel like my boss sabotaged my application for overseas training,etc). I often avoid conflict but lately I feel like I have to speak my mind because I am not happy with my situation. Some of my friends applaud me for speaking the truth. Apparently they have similar feelings, they just don’t have the courage to speak. So yeah, it’s been that kind of day.


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