Death Over Lunch

A couple of days ago, my best friend randomly asked a question if I would be willing to take care of her unborn child if something should happen to her during the labor. I was laughing because I thought she was joking. She should be joking, right? But she’s not. It crossed her mind that something might go wrong during her labor. It is possible that she would not be there to raise the child. Her husband would probably get married to another woman and the stepmom would not love the child wholeheartedly. Her parents are too old to raise a little child and her siblings would be busy raising their own children. So she’s looking for someone to look after the baby.

What’s more shocking was, she was going to ask her husband to marry me if, god forbid, anything should happen to her during labor. Her reason was because we share a common way of thinking and concern about some stuff, we studied abroad, she’s pretty vocal about what she wants in life (I am not so much, but I try to speak my mind).

It was a surreal request. I know there’s possibility, but I never really thought she would have thought of it. She’s a very good friend of mine, we don’t talk on daily basis, but I know I can always rely on her. I shared some of my darkest secrets and she accepts me for who I am. It’s a rare thing to have someone to confide in.

At the end of our talk, she asked me to think about her request. So many things need to be considered, would I be able to raise a child? Would I be mature enough to be responsible for someone other than myself? Am I cut out to be a mother? I am not even married yet, so I really don’t know about commitment. They said it’s a whole different jungle out there. Am I ever going to be ready? My life has always been ‘as simple as’ deciding about what to eat for lunch or dinner, and other trivial stuff. This is a serious thing and I don’t know what I should do about it. The fact that I am not married yet is an indication that I am not trusted to be committed in anything :P I just pray for the best, pray for my friend, for her baby, and for myself. Amen.

To Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth. Whether you show what is within yourselves or conceal it, Allah will bring you to account for it. Then He will forgive whom He wills and punish whom He wills, and Allah is over all things competent (2:284)


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