Am I depressed?

It’s 10 pm and I just got home from the gym. It was a really productive day; had a meeting in the morning, watched The Walking Dead finale during lunch break, revised some materials for the upcoming booklet (ugh, I hate the design and the content but the boss seemed ignorant about that fact. Pretty sure there’s ‘money-related incentive’ or some sort of arrangement with the third party). I have been doing things slowly lately, I am so freaking bored. I left work at 5.30pm and rushed myself to the gym. The 6pm-yoga class is one of my favorites and I had an appointment with my personal trainer at 7pm, so it feels really good to workout. Especially because many things just go wrong at work :-/

Lately it’s been too exhausting to feel everything so deeply for people in my surrounding. Everyone is so demanding, people want to be ‘taken care of’, the boss wants to be understood, the colleagues are not really understanding in sharing the work burden and I really feel like exploding. It’s like everything that I have done is not enough, they keep on asking for more. I don’t want to care. I really need a little space where people will let me do my job without constantly interrupting me. I need that ‘invisible’ shell to protect me from people. Every little things just tick me off lately. I really can’t deal with shit right now, my tolerance level is just too low. 

Am I depressed? 


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