Yeah, of course I can’t ignore this urge to post something at 2am (while watching Wild!). Such a weird timing, but let the story flows.

I have been thinking a lot about T lately. Try my best to compartmentalized all sort of feelings I have. T’s last text was a disappointment although I am not foreign with all the excuses and avoidance (read: shit) T put me up with. I know T will bail on me. It still hurts though; T not wanting to see me. However, I would love to think that we are our own heroes. T tries to save hself us both from more pains because nothing good will ever come out from our meeting. It will only get harder to move on (damnit! There goes my confession!). Still I pray to hug T once again though (oh well, that’s the only excuse I can come up with!).

I am watching Wild (I said that already!). Reese Witherspoon is amazing in this movie! So many good quotes, I should read the book. She took an extreme journey to find herself. Maybe I should do that, too. But the crazy thing is, why on earth should I think about how to get a permission for a 3-month personal leave? I could just leave without notice (although it’s rather uncharacteristic of me).


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