Day 6 of 7-Day Writing Challenge | I am in love

Yeah, in love with Sara Bareilles’ voice! I am still upset whenever I remember that I lost all the videos I took during Sara Bareilles’ concert in Singapore last October! I am wondering if Sara will ever return to Jakarta and hold another concert. OOT, I really enjoyed Ingrid Michaleson’s demo version of Over You.
Oh, it’s weekend! Dined out with parents at a Japanese restaurant, they seemed happy with their udon!
Found some interesting movie trailers this evening; The Man in the High CastleIt takes place in 1962 in an alternate universe where Germany and Japan won World War II, The Boy who Smells Like Fisha story about a boy with fish odour syndrome, and Ilo Iloa Singaporean movie with family theme.
Saw a cute Komono watch! No money to buy!! Gotta be a perfect bday gift though. Anyone? *grins


Have yourself a fabulous weekend!


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