Day 5 of 7-Day Writing Challenge | I am almost there

I feel like sleeping when I realise I haven’t logged anything in my blog today. My whole body is aching! I have been trying to cut down on carbohydrates (well, I only have rice for lunch). I don’t feel anything different though. I am starving all day!

I met Jay again today, he went to my office with his boss to discuss some upcoming projects. We were still awkward (or maybe I was the one who’s awkward?), it was weird. I tried my very best to act professionally though. I avoided glancing at him. He captured my attention though, there’s something about him that is special. Too bad what I felt was not reciprocal. I don’t regret it though. I have always been unfortunate when it comes to love, so I guess i am getting used to it. Soon I won’t be awkward anymore when he’s around me.

Oh, I feel like hanging out, but I am just too lazy. Ugh, all this passive aggressive attitude must stop. I am ambivalent about so many things, it’s not healthy!

OOT, Meghan Trainor is so beautiful and talented!

Here’s something funny about today’s Bappebti gathering: Princess and I were gone ‘fangirling’ over Laura Prepon and Tatiana Maslany. We stalked their Instagrams and simply adored them lol Never had a real friend to fangirl over together, so it was so much fun!


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