Day 3 of 7-Day Writing Challenge | I am addicted

I am addicted to Popcorn Love! C mentions about this fanfic, I didn’t bother to read it at first, but then ‘why not?’, I badly need a distraction from my boring life. I have read the first 20 chapters in the past three days. I was actually planning on reading two chapters everyday before I sleep, but then the story gets more exciting and intriguing and now I am addicted!! I even sneaked out of my office during lunch break just so I can read properly (Even during lunch break, my boss often asks me to do some tasks when I sit in my desk). Now I have to pace myself from reading too much, because there’s only 15 chapters left!

I was thinking of calling it a night and sleep early. However, here’s a recap of my day!

1. I got my nail polished FOR THE FIRST TIME! EVERRR!

They look cute!

They look cute! SERIOUSLY!

2. My baby Vespa reached its first 1k on my way back home! 1k in 4months isn’t too bad, right?

Baby Vespa's First 1k!

Baby Vespa’s First 1k!

3. I received my first GOLD Garuda Miles! Woohoo!! Here comes free Garuda lounges at the airport *smirks

It's GOLD!

It’s GOLD!



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