Day 1 of 7-Day Writing Challenge | I am exhausted

I think it’s been a year since I wrote down something on my blog. I have been feeling so unmotivated and uncreative lately and I know I can’t blame the situation. Work is boring, life is boring, no new love life, no new friends, I don’t find any intellectual conversation to stimulate my brain and I hate myself right now. So I challenge myself to write everyday in the next 7 days. Knowing myself, this will probably my only post because I will make up excuses not to write anything tomorrow or the next day, but let’s see if I finally have the discipline to overcome this challenge.

I badly need a vacation from all the routines. I don’t feel like waking up early, I feel exhausted right after I arrive at the office, and I hate that I should follow orders from people. I arrive at a point where I don’t care if my boss will transfer me to another division. I don’t feel like respecting my seniors (even though I will put a smiley face in front of them and pretend that everything is okay), I don’t feel like being nice to people (and I know this is so wrong!), I wanna scream because I am angry, because I am disappointed and I am not sure I understand what’s going on inside my mind. Ugh, I think I am going crazy.


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