Another story about a stranger


Meet James! A proud grandfather of a grandson and a granddaughter who’s been traveling to different states because of his work in refinery. I met him on my way to Cincinnati. Right when I saw him sitting next to me, I have a feeling this is gonna be another interesting flight. I started saying: “Hi, how are you?” He gave me a warm smile and replied my greeting. That’s when I know it’s gonna be a fun flight. Every now and then, when the situation feels right, I start a conversation with new people. I think it was my 2013 resolution and so far everything has been going great. I know I should keep up the good work in 2014.

We talked about Mississippi, his job and sometimes he took his phone out of the pocket and showed me the pictures of his family or the fish he caught or his trailer and truck. The other time he’d let me looked outside his window when he explained about Ohio river or power house. He said he meets new friends through Yahoo! Messenger! Sometimes a new message or a ‘buzz’ will pop up in his laptop window asking how he’s doing. He gave me a compliment once, which makes me blush because it’s always good to hear people notice something about me.

When I shared my concern about marriage, he said “You are young! You shouldn’t be worried about marriage. You will find that person when the time and the place is right and everything will be perfect.” In James’ opinion, one shouldn’t get married before he/she sees what’s out there and enjoy life. Well, I said “that’s why I am traveling”

At the end of our trip, we have to bid goodbye because I am leaving for New York and he’s off to Philadelphia. I took a selfie of us, we shared contact numbers and I gave him a tight hug while he’s wishing me a great time in New York. Before I boarded my plane, he sent me a text message “if something happens let me know, I will come to see you down there” It was really nice just to hear that.

I landed in JFK Airport around 6pm and the view from the plane was amazing. Bright city lights! Golden was the color. I listened to Sara Bareilles’ album inside the Subway and felt really close to her. I was too tired to absorb the energy of the city, but I am amazed of how diverse and huge this city is. I met different strangers who helped me get to my hostel; a kind airport security who walked me to the AirTrain to Jamaica Station‪, a sweet Subway lady who helped me get the Metro Card, a guy name Robert who showed me how to get train #1 from Penn Station, he even let me use his monthly metro pass so I can save the credit in my card (how kind he was!!), another random guy who can’t speak English well but walked me to my hostel at Amsterdam Ave and a cute guy at the lobby who helped me to my room (because the hostel is a maze!) Ranie even made sure that I know where to go so she guided me through my phone. Things are so good today. I spent the morning with a person I adore and care so much. I got to New York and my hostel with the help of so many people. I feel so blessed. Thanks, Lord. My New York journey begins today. I just need to stay warm because the weather has been terrible. I pray for guidance and protection. Amen <3


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