I am always amazed of what happen when I start talking to new people. There was a funny thing today on my flight to Minnesota, a girl was sitting next to me in the airport waiting for boarding time. Well, we were busy doing our stuff so we didn’t talk. The same girl sat next to me on the plane.

We found it funny and then we started talking for almost the entire flight. We shared many stories; about how she met her husband, about her study in Communications, about an online relationship, about her dream to be a soprano, about her love of Disney movies, her dream of finding her own prince and that she was born in Saudi Arabia. She’s a hopeless romantic! Her eyes sparkles when she told me about the marriage proposal. It screams boundless happiness. I found her naive for believing in love. At the same time, it gives me hope though. She told me that love comes when you least expect it. That’s how she met her husband. It’s like a fairytale when I heard it. It gives me joy to listen to stories so different to mine.

Another person sitting next to me is a Palestinian taking a PhD in Pediatric Behavior Health. She wears hijab and read Quran almost the entire flight. She complains about how people treat her differently because she’s wearing hijab. She was asking for my new year’s wish. I told her I wanna get married in 2014. She said, I’ll pray for you.

People are beautiful when you get a chance to know them and listen to their stories. I am glad I have a courage to start the conversation and see people unfold. Travel actually gives me a chance to know myself better. Sometimes I find it easier to talk to strangers because they do not know the story of my life and have no frame-of-reference or whatsoever about how my life is. As a result, they are more open-minded and easy to talk to. They don’t judge me or give me a hard time. They don’t tell me what to do. I do miss this kind of human connection; one that enriches my soul.

On another note about stranger, the event in the beginning of 2014 makes me realize that some things are not meant to be. I hold on to it for as long as I could, it’s been 4 years now. I found it so disappointing and heart-breaking at the same time. It’s when all the hopes just suddenly vanish into thin air. It’s like losing ground and I feel off-balance. I cried and started hating the situation, but I promise myself not to life with regrets or what-ifs. This is something I must do and I just need to have the courage to accept the truth and be true to myself. It’s no longer time to deny my own happiness. I want to be someone’s first choice. I need to step up and find happiness somewhere else. I pray this will not be the highlight of my year. I want to believe that someone somewhere is also longing for me. I am missing you so much, stranger. You are still a mystery to me. Let’s meet!


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