Just F*ck Off!



Somebody finally asks the question! A question I have been dreading. I have been telling myself to be prepared of any awkward or inconvenient situation when someone is ‘brave’ or ‘nosey’ enough to question why I take off hijab now. This is something people do not understand; my personal issue or preferences are none of their business. Although the question may just be an innocent question without any intention to pry into my personal affairs, I still feel that I do not have to explain myself to people. I do not ask people to understand, but please just keep their disagreement and thoughts to themselves. Let me do things without having people questioning any reasons behind my actions. Oh well, who am I trying to fool though? Some people just cannot help it to point their fingers at others and to display how superior their moral compass is. I think it is human nature to meddle with others, so I really don’t want to argue about it. So here’s my answer, “I don’t feel like explaining. Thank for your concern though.” If you are smart enough, all I am saying is “Fuck off“.


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