Ancora Imparo

I remember a conversation with my best friend couple of years ago. Both of us dream of studying overseas. One of the silly reasons is because we want the school badges. Anggie is dreaming to continue her study in UK because she said the badges are cool. Well, she’s probably reading too much Harry Potter, that is why she wants to get accepted in university in UK. I have to agree with her opinion though, the badges looks awesome and they have this latin or greek motto which makes it ‘intellectually cool’. I was thinking what’s so important about badges, but then I realized the badge gives a unique ‘sense of belonging’. I keep all the badges from my previous schools, student organizations, events, and institution where I work. I am proud to be part of something.

A few days ago, I went to the city with my friend and I saw a girl using ‘University of Melbourne’ hoodie. I told my friend that I like UniMelb badge and motto. He gave me a surprise look and said that our university has a much cooler and meaningful badge and motto, ANCORA IMPARO. I heard and read the motto all the time, I found it everywhere in campus, but I never really understand the meaning. When I looked it up, Ancora Imparo is Italian and the meaning is ‘I am still learning‘. It is such a humble and honest motto and I LOVE IT.  Now I understand why my friend is so proud of our motto and badge. In life, we face obstacles and challenges, meet new people, find new things, feel down at times, but we if we keep on learning, we will be smarter to tackle and overcome all the difficulties. ‘I am still learning’ also implicate willingness to hear and be open to information or anything.

I am proud to be part of it. I am proud to belong to this university. Most of all, I am grateful that my dream come true. My best friend is still struggling to get scholarship, but perseverance and determination are her best quality, so the time will come for her.

Ancora Imparo by Peter Zhang

Ancora Imparo by Peter Zhang


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