My mom goes online! Should I be worried?

There’s a new conversation theme at home, “Nis, gimana cara update status dan tambah teman?” or “Neng, gimana sih cara lihat foto teman-teman mama?” Yup, my mom goes online! She’s starving to understand this ‘new’ world.
The trigger is simple; A high school reunion of the year 1982. Last week she met her HS friends and somehow it made her so enthusiastic to know her friends’ updates.

My mom is a simple housewife, she spends 25 years of her life at home; raising the kids. She only knew basic utility of handphone to call and text (well, the last one is a skill she learns recently), but now she’s improving her ‘social network’ skill with her phone. She bought my iPhone and adjusted to the user-friendly service a phone could offer. I often found my mom busy with her phone! Whatta sight! Lately she even complained about how lousy the Internet connection at home is :p She can say that because she compares her data usage in Jakarta. I can’t believe that my mom complained about such things! I am always the one who complains about it, that’s one of the reason why I rarely come home in the weekend. It’s because how remotely I feel when I can’t update my status, can’t tweet about anything or can’t send whatsapp. She intensely talks to her high school friends now. It’s good to see her reconnect herself to some people in the past. But there is something I am worried about; my online life.

I find myself difficult to confront my family, as a result, I bottle things up. Sometimes I think I am more vocal in expressing my thoughts through social apps. So when she said something about ‘Neng, gimana cara lihat profil Arief (red. My brother)?’ Or ‘trus kita bisa lihat status-status lama ga?’ I am worried! I share things to my mom, she knows almost all my friends, but I rarely talk to her about my personal feelings, she doesn’t know if I am in love or our of love, or I am hurt. And just like the other moms, they have this urge to protect the children and understand the problem. I don’t want any intervention. So I am good when my mom thinks that cyberspace is a foreign world. I just don’t want my mom questions me about my status updates. It’s gonna be a nightmare! Isn’t it weird that it doesn’t matter when random friends or followers read our personal tweet and status, but it matters when our parents read it? There are valid reasons to justify that and I won’t argue. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to confront personal matters to people who matter to us.


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