Love the one you’re with

Woke up at 3.30am, can’t sleep anymore. Watched the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy last night, Love the One You’re with. It made me reflect to some stories of my life, well one particular story actually. I love the person I was with, I really do, I still do and it makes me cry every time I remember T. The pain is still fresh and it often caught me off guard, just like now. I end up being with myself now, so I guess the title is still valid; I should love the one I am with; my own self. I  am not with anybody, there’s just me, so I have to love myself. Anyway, Calzona scenes are heartbreaking. Maybe Arizona finally sees a glimpse of Callie’s feeling in that shower scene, how it hurts her too even though she’s not the one losing leg. Bailey and Webber scene is great, I can relate to it.

You know what happens when someone lets go of your hand? You get it back. It’s a good thing. You know, interns let go, and… Tuck let go and even Ben let go. And they’re all still there. They all still love you. But it means you get your hand back. It means you have time… not to wash the dishes… To do something with, to get out there, to find diseases to cure, to take it to the next level. Hell, uh, it means invent the Bailey method. But you gotta get out there, do something. And don’t look back. (Dr. Richard Webber -Grey’s Anatomy)

Maybe it’s not bad at all to ‘get my hand back’, it hurts because it’s real, but maybe the pain will subside. November is coming. It will probably be the climax of the pain when all memories just rush back in. Oh well, let’s not jump to November yet, one assignment left and it’s due in 3 days :p I am freaking out. This will definitely distract me!



  1. Soji · October 20, 2012

    I’m going through something similar you’re not alone.

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