New Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Photos

It’s been a while since we see the casts of Grey’s Anatomy take a photo session, so I am so excited when I see this posters. So, the new season 9 is here. Two amazing episodes so far. I am amazed at how Shonda and the writers bring the story. I am an emotional wreck. A month before the new season aired, I was re-waching the first season of Grey’s Anatomy, the surgeons were so young, so reckless. They made mistakes, they learned from it. It’s almost 8 years since it first aired in 2005. I am a fan of the series since 2009 although I have seen it before the year. I remember my friend asks me if the series over. She wants to know what will my reaction be. I still have no answer for that question.

I cried when George was hit by a bus and Izzie decided to leave the show. I was angry when Arizona flee to Africa, I feel betrayed. I was upset when Callie was pregnant with Mark’s baby. I cursed Meredith for her twisted minds. I adore Lexie and envy her photographic memory. I enjoy witty Bailey. I hate indecisive Derek. Christina and her god complex. I shed tears and mourn for Lexie and Mark. There are so many indescribable emotions when I am watching the show and that what makes me love it. I know some people are bitching about it, but I understand completely. As time goes by, the characters grow on the fans and when they’re written off from the show, there will be disappointment and rage (seriously, you don’t wanna mess up with fangirls!).  I appreciate that Shonda Rhimes addresses so many social issues and wraps it in the story.It’s like voicing the voiceless. I don’t know for sure what’s her agenda is, but she’s trying to make a point. Let me quote her thoughts on Arizona’s missing leg:

It’s a pleasure to get to work with someone (read: Jessica Capshaw) so game for the story. So game for representing things rarely seen on network TV. I love my job. ” – Shonda Rhimes

As much as it’s killing me that Arizona is missing her leg, I am glad she’s alive. She’s married to Callie and they have a daughter (the idea I once opposed, but now I am happy to see mark’s legacy). I will put myself as an empty lid where Shonda and her teams can fill it in with anything. It’s good to have a show you can wait for every week. It feels better to have an army of fans who are ‘having issue determining what’s real and what’s fictitious’ and are willing to discuss the episodes by the end of the week. It feels best to have new friends who understand your obsession to a TV series and the characters. I wish Grey’s Anatomy will not end any time soon and even if it has to end, I hope we get to see happy ending for all the characters. Good bye, Mark and Lexie :'(

They say death is hardest on the living. It’s tough to actually say goodbye. Sometimes it’s impossible. You never really stop feeling the loss. It’s what makes things so bittersweet.” – Meredith Grey

My favorite characters: Dr. Arizona Robbins and Dr. Callie Torres. Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw are terrific!

More surprises are in store for these characters. I hope Alex will find somebody he loves.

I can’t wait to see the house Derek built for Meredith. I hope Christina will come back to SGMW and reconcile with Owen

I miss you already, Dr. Mark Sloan, Dr. Lexie Grey and Dr. Teddy Altman!


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