It’s bowling, baby!

Random talks after class lead me to a movie and bowling session. It was the last class before semester break. I met my classmate, Khatijia, who shared her happy news. She finally gets her permanent resident card. She was born in Afghanistan. She and her family decided to move out and reside in Melbourne concerning the security issue in their hometown. Most time I am grateful that Indonesia is still a decent place to live; a very rich country with abundant natural resources and beauty. It’s not a perfect place in the world, but at least it is still a good place to have family, raise children, and work. When you are feeling threaten in your  own country, the other things seem secondary. Even Maslow’s hierarchy of needs places ‘safety’ in the second layer after the fulfillment of basic needs (food, water, sex, sleep).  In the absence of physical safety -due to war, people will suffer from trauma or stress. That’s an awful thing. Well, let’s not discuss about it now.

I wanna share my first bowling experience (well, I had a bowling game in Timezone, but this is the ‘real’ bowling game) :D We met Khatija’s cousin at Chadstone. We’d like to watch Resident Evil Retribution that day. Arif bought a large basket of popcorn to enjoy during the movie. It was fun, I love the movie, I was expecting more action, but Milla kicked ass! We got to see Michelle Rodriguez, Sienna Guillory, Boris Kodjoe, and Oded Fehr again. I went home downloading all series of RE afterward! It was already 9pm when we got out of the cinema, Arif offered us one bowling game before we go home. He was asking if I have ever played bowling before, I shook my head. Timezone bowling reminds me of my first date, I remember planning a ‘grand date’ where it involves bowling or mini golfing or rock climbing or simply just running in the beach. Ah, good old days <3

Annisa in action :)

Back to 20 September 2012, we got our bowling shoes and bowling lane. I was nervous, but my friends are very helpful. I remember when Arif carefully instructed us how to choose the right ball and throw the ball straight while experiment different way of throwing it. I never get bowling strike, but I was not bad at all. Well, I missed the pins several time, but that’s okay for a beginner haha

Say ‘Cheese’ :)

Final score! Mine is at the bottom :p


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