Melbourne Day 61: Exploring Tesselaar Tulip Festival

It’s Monday! First day of mid-semester break. Woke up at 7am, prepared meal for lunch and I hit the station to catch a train to Lilydale. Tesselaar Tulip Festival is held yearly in a tulip farm in Monbulk Road. The journey took place around 80 minutes from Caulfield. I need to change train in Richmond and step off at Lilydale to eventually hop on a bus to go the farm. The transportation costs around A$14.

Lilydale Bus Stop

Special on Monday, the general admission is A$10. The weather is good. The sun is not shy to shine. The sky was so gorgeous, it’s so blue and the cloud makes it more perfect. It was another perfect day in Spring. My friends and I walked around the farm and took some pictures. We admire how beautiful the flowers are. So colorful, so beautiful and magnificent. I never know that they can grow Tulip in Australia, so it saves a lot of money to go here instead of Netherland just to see Tulip.

The Tesselaar Tulip Festival: Flower Power

There were also miniature of windmills, cafe, sculpture exhibition and gift shop. I bought myself a mini snowball and keychain. I also enjoyed a plate of poffertjes with icing sugar and strawberry sauce on top of it for A$6.50. It was yummy and I like it!

.my mini snowball and keychain.

Nom..nom..nom.. Poffertjes with icing sugar and strawberry sauce :)

The visitors are mostly family with kids, old&young couples, and group of students who are busy trying to capture themselves surrounded by tulip (including me:P).

Aku cantik kaaan :) hehe


Look at the sky!

The visitors are kept busy to find seven lost gnomes hidden in the garden. Once we track them and wrote down their names in the paper, we can receive ‘sweet’ prize. I followed the game, found all the seven gnomes and got my ‘sweet’ prize; candies :) The missing gnomes are Atilla Graffiti, Pallada, Falcon, Charmeur, Camargue, Rambo and Dordogne. Those gnomes are named after a tulip.

Meet Mr. Atilla Graffiti :)

I found this sculpture interesting :)


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