.summer is over.

Summer is about to come in Melbourne, it is not over yet, but this song brings back a lot of memories. All those memories are crystal clear, just like yesterday. I can still feel your hand intertwined mine. We were once thought it was perfect for each other. The universe conspired to let you be part of my story, there are  happiness, pain and tears written down inside it. There is not a thing I regret or want to change except one important fact that we are not together now. So maybe it is just another harsh reality we have to deal with. This song will always remind me of you. For all the promises we shared. For all the ‘summer’ we spent together. I love you, T… Always…

.Jon McLaughlin and Sara Bareilles’ Summer is Over.

But summer is over
We were tangled in the morning sun
Felt you getting colder
And we knew that we would come undone
It’s back to my town, back to your life
Gray skies are blowing a kiss goodbye to the lovers
Summer is over

SoundCloud: Summer is Over


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