Melbourne Day 15: I cooked fried rice :p

Days passed by too slowly when you count it. Can’t believe it’s been only 15 days since I got that Tullamarine passport stamp. I thought it’s been a month or so. Well, I am fooling myself. Week 3 lectures just finished and there are still 9 meetings before the finals. Long weeks before I can go home. Essays are waiting to be finished and journals are waiting to be analysed. Despite all the hardship I have to go through every week with all the assignments and materials, I like my course. My previous course where I learn about Tourism and Hospitality Management was not my interest -although I still intend to finish it, but Communication and Media studies is something I can picture in my head. It makes sense to me. Maybe that’s what you feel when you are interested in learning something. Maybe. I still find those journals scary!

Melbourne Zoo, Docklands, Ikea Richmond

So, Day 15 and I have gone to Melbourne Zoo, sent postcards, checked out some parts of Melbourne City; South Dwarf, Docklands, Victoria Market, Ikea store Richmond, tasted a number of famous dishes (Pancake Parlour, Mad Mex’s Quesadilla, Menya Ramen’s Gyu Tan Don, Salero Kito, Nusantara, Lord of the Fries, Spanish Doughnuts’ Churros), and watched movie at Hoyts. I finally went to Clayton yesterday (8/8) and had a wonderful breakfasting with the boys from Arnott. Cooked myself a delicious fried rice for breakfasting today:p I made friends with those from Singapore, Australia, Afganistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Saudi Arabia. From what I see in the class, the ‘westerns’ mingle with their own and the Asians usually hang out with Asians. It’s a poor thing actually.

Quesadilla @MadMex, Melbourne Central Shopping Center

Short Stack Pancake with Chocolate Ice Cream @PancakeParlour

I keep on paying attention to some friends who are giving ‘weird’ look to the other Asian friends who have difficult English accent to understand. Well, the same look are given when the westerns are talking too fast with their accent. So, the diversity is there. This is the face of international class. One thing I am intrigued by is the number of chinese students in the class. They are the majority! I think there should be more Indonesians studying abroad. I could not imagine what will happen in the next 10-15 years when these young bright people are taking control of the media, commerce, politics on behalf of their country. Will we be able to catch up or will we be hundred steps behind? Well, it’s just my two cents.

The upcoming plans are going to Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia for report on arrival and attending Ingrid Michaelson concert at Corner Hotel (I am thrilled!!). Few things I wanna do in Australia are visiting Gold Coast, Sydney Opera House, Great Ocean Road, Mount Buller, tasting kangaroo meats, pavlova, vegemite, fish and chips, coffee. I hope there are time (and money :p) to enjoy the city and the suburbs.

24 hours in Melbourne

I am still trying to hang on in here!


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