Grey’s Anatomy: Suddenly

Weee… I survived the hiatus. Grey’s Anatomy is back on my screen again. I started watching it every week in the middle of Season 6. We’re in the middle of Season 8 now. The bonding of all fans are getting stronger. My fellow Grey’s Anatomy fans are awesome!

The last episode, Henry died in the operation table and Christina was in charged. She didn’t even know that she was doing Henry’s surgery. I love Henry and Teddy. It breaks my heart because Henry passed away! Shonda is creating such a good drama!! The other couple I am dying to see on my screen is Callie and Arizona. I wish there will be more steamy and kissing sessions :) hehe

Oh, since I am glued to GetGlue, look at what I got today! Two stickers from Grey’s Anatomy and Snow Patrol who apparently launch their newest single on this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Yay to that. I will be waiting for the download link and I will be watching it when I get home:)

Grey's Anatomy Suddenly Sticker

Snow Patrol's Single on Grey's Anatomy

Now I am crossing my fingers for a good internet connection. Lately the connection has been so fucked up :-/


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