.I survived Thursday!

I gotta make a quick note just to share my day. This Thursday has been really colorful:

1. I am so glued to Getglue and I got 121 stickers already in just two days :)

2. I still couldn’t find my Fossil watch :-/ I think I really lost it. It’s been two weeks!

3. My red Adidas bag is still not here. I got it laundried like two weeks ago. It should be returned to me now. Just don’t tell me I lost another stuff I bought in Chicago, that’d be really sucks! I love my bag :(

4. Got a free lunch from my coworker. It was delicious lunch. Thanks for the treat, Boss :)

5. Got a free snack because the scheduled meeting had to be postponed because the big boss has a meeting with the minister. Well, since they have ordered the snacks already, so we got them for free eventhough I wasn’t invited to the meeting haha

6. I am still trapped updating the database and profile of brokerage companies. I really hate the details! My eyes sore and I need to really concentrate because my boss want me to finish it as soon as possible. This work has driven me crazy! I wish I could finish it tomorrow. Doing it for almost the whole week makes me losing my appetite!

7. Had a lovely chat with T since the morning I woke up. Iloveyou<3 Love all the surprise<3

8. Got a postcard from Texas! Thanks, Steffobee ;)

9. I lost my helmet in the parking lot. We got security but they didn’t realize that my helmet has been stolen until when I wanna go home. Darn:-/ Next time I will make sure to tag it below the seat. It sucks to lose a helmet. I ever lost three helmets when I was in university, but this time it’s more upsetting because I lost it right before the security’s eyes!! I hope I will get new motorbike because of this haha #youwish (eventually I borrowed security officer’s helmet to ride the bike home)

10. Instead of going home, I rode the bike to Carrefour to buy a new helmet. I bought a new red helmet. Oh, here’s a complaint, Carrefour Duta Merlin has a very confusing track for motorbike. I have to turn around several time because the sign is not clear and they made us circling the building around. Bummer!!!

11. I got lost when I wanna go home because I couldn’t recognize the road. It was really upsetting. That Carrefour should be the closest to my house in Tanah Abang but since I got lost and didn’t know how to go home, I ended up riding my bike to Grogol and Tomang!! It’s really far!!! I feel really stupid :( What’s worst, the rain is falling and the traffic is still crazy even though it’s 9pm already. Grogol, Tomang, Tanah Abang and all the road I passed by was trapped in crazy traffic jam. I am so tired riding my bike :( I just wanna go home, especially after all the things I have been through this whole day:(

12. Oh, I am a bit disappointed because I couldn’t meet my friend from UK. She has been on holiday for almost a month in Indonesia and I couldn’t meet her in person. Well, see ya later, Brainy! :)

13. I almost forgot, I got a meeting today. It’s started right when it’s time to go home! Sigh The boss gave us further info about the new policy from Minister of Trade to improve our TOEFL score to 600. Now all people are busy talking about it. I got my test next Thursday, January 12. I wish I could get more than 600. One thing for sure, last time I check, my overall band for IELTS is 6.5. I got 7 for my speaking and listening section. 6.5 equals to 550-570. Let’s hope for some miracle then:)

14. It’s midnight already and I tasted Sparkling Wine for the first time. It tastes like beer, but beer is bitter.

Those are the recap of my day. I think I could sleep now.
I wish that my Friday will be so much better. Thank you God for all the blessing. Please keep my family and my loved ones safe<3 Forgive those who hurt us and let me be a better person each and every day. Amen…

Jakarta, January 6, 2011



  1. Sylviamauren · January 6, 2012

    Wow. You’ve gone through a lot for a day, Nisa! Thank God everything turned out Ok for you.

    It is a pleasure reading your posts. I had a friend from the UK visited Jakarta couple of weeks ago. We were working together on a case. I took him to Kota Tua because we were looking for an old quiet place to read and sip a cup of coffee, but it turned out Kota Tua now is very crowded and people litter there! But we pay if off with a good glass of wine in a nice quiet place :)

    I wish your UK friend would return to Jakarta someday and that you would have a chance (or time, for that matters) to meet your UK friend!

    Keep posting on your blog, dear. I always read it every time I am on a break! :)

    • Annisa F. Wulandari · January 6, 2012

      Why thank you, my dear :) Read yours too :)
      Yeah, she said she’ll be back to Indonesia in the near future. The country is too beautiful to explore in a month hehe I read your tweets about the UK colleague of yours. Glad he is enjoying the time in here. Well, gotta say that Kota Tua is so disappointing in terms of cleanliness. Lots of people are irresponsible and littering everywhere. That’s awful.
      Have a good day at work! Enjoy weekend :)

  2. Ranie · January 5, 2012

    Why can’t you meet your friend in person Neng? Where in Jakarta does she stay? ^,^

    • Annisa F. Wulandari · January 6, 2012

      When she was in Jakarta, I was having a business trip in Bandung and when I came back to Jakarta, she has gone to Surabaya, Malang, Bali, etc. She got no time to stay another night in Jakarta before she took her flight back to UK. She’s in UK now. Well, maybe next time, dude. hehe

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