What were you doing 1 year ago today?



It’s amazing how much information we all keep posting, submitting and sharing on the Internet each day.

I found this website a few months ago, it used to be called Pastpost and they only gave me my Facebook updates over a year ago. Now they have merged and interconnected with Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare altogether and call themselves TIMEHOP.

It’s amazing when you get a daily email about what you were doing exactly one year ago. I really think that Timehop is a reminder of how time passed by so fast. So is a reminder of how crazy, crappy, glorious, awesome our days were.

Let me quote a very interesting and motivating words I got in my email today when Timehop found me updating only a single activity last Dec 29th.

“Only one post!? Hey, do you have a second? Listen Annisa, we need to talk.
Grab that seat over there, the wicker one by the fireplace. This will only take a second and no, this isn’t the conversation about birds and bees — your dad can handle that one. Let’s talk about life for a bit. So there comes a time when you just gotta get out there and grab life by the horns. Even if those horns are slippery and seem to have some kind of weird sticky mucus all over them, just hold on tight. But now check out the day above. You’ve only got one post here so apparently you didn’t think it was quite that time last year. Let’s fix that. It’s still early in the morning and you’ve got the whole day ahead of you. Go out there and CONQUER THIS DAY. Grab those horns so hard your knuckles turn white. Whatever happens don’t let go until you’ve won. Capisch? We’ve got faith in you, Annisa. This is your day for the taking.”

benny + jonathan + sean + rachel

So yeah, let’s conquer this day!
Farewell, 2011! You have been so amazing!
Welcome, 2012! Let’s make more beautiful, worth-remembering moments, mistakes and be a better and strong person you can be!


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