.answering Plinky’s request to share five things I am good at.

1. I am good at understanding people and giving what they need even when they berely say it to me. Thanks to my over-sensitive and over-analyze self :p
2. I always feel I am good in communicating with most people. I put myself in other’s shoes and I know what I should and shouldn’t do. Well, some people are still mystery for me :p
3. Singing? Not the best nor great singer though, but at least it’s not too pitchy, I am one of the best bathroom singer I know :p The other bathroom singer I know is my brother and his voice sucks:p Yeah, it’s your voice, Ardi :D haha
4. Being late; I am always late! Well, there are certain time I am not coming late, but it’s rare :p I even came late to some of my finals in my study back in University, but I guess it’s because I over-value myself and think that I will still do great although I am late. Oh yeah, I did good in University:p I never come to a class unprepared, especially when it comes to finals :) Coming late is a way to avoid the crowd in the beginning of the finals. Once the class is situated, that’s the best time to come in. The noise and crowd will no longer there to distract your concentration.
5. I am a major procrastinator. I am really good at it :p Not really proud tho :)

Jakarta, December 16, 2011
Waking up early, tossing and turning all night, thanks to my sharp pain! :-/



  1. swiftywina · January 5, 2012

    Being late ??? 100% agree with that :p. Remember when you used to go to your classroom 5 minute before the class started from the house?? Everyday!! … But Cum Laude eh ?! heheheh…
    Proud of ya! :D

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