.answering Plinky’s question about surprise.

Surprises? Well, life itself is full of surprises, so whether we’re up to it or not, it happens. I love surprises, I think that’s what makes life even more colorful. A surprised letter, gift, postcards, dinner invitation, flowers, call, or simply a surprised kiss from the one you love so much. It comes when we less expect it and it will definitely put a smile on my face. Big time! I have ever traveled to a new country to see friends I know from virtual world. Imagine how scary it would be? Some of my friends and coworkers think that it’s crazy to travel alone to a new country. I did it anyway because that’s what my heart tells me to do. I love the surprises, I love traveling to new country, I don’t even make any itinerary. I just go there and do thing I feel like doing. I don’t expect much and just open myself to the city’s ambiance. So far, it’s the best way to free myself from my daily routine. I woke up at any time, I didn’t have internet access and as a result, I spent time reading books, conversing with real people, wandering alone around the city. Life was so laid back!

I am not a maniac in planning anything. Oh well, I am not saying I don’t have plans for my life, but I never really plan what I am going to do tonight, this weekend or next week. I am doing things based on my moods. I only have long-term plans; being successful person, getting a scholarship to study abroad, working abroad and living outside Indonesia. I am not planning to get married yet, but I want to live together with someone if it feels right. Well, it’s something which is uncommon here in Indonesia, that’s why I feel the need to leave. Surprise is like the spice in life. How do you like food without spice? That’s what life feels without one, well at least for me :)





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