.(not) the end where I begin.

At some point of our life, we will question if we are actually getting better as a person and not stuck at the same place over the years. We all demand ourselves to move. It’s even better if we move forward because the past is nothing but a phase of life with millions of lessons. Little less we realize that we are not the same human being as we were an hour or a year ago. We complain at how stuck our life is, but if we really look behind, we are a different person where we used to be and we never stay in the same place from time to time. Well, we might work in the same company for years but we are never the same person. We were a new guy at work once and then new people come to take that title from us.

I believe that we are growing because of life experience and the years spent to make the best of it. Experience enriches us. It is what makes us a different person. I was looking at myself now and I looked back from where I started. I wish I could draw a line so I can see where I am and how far I have gone in this journey of life. But thanks God, the future are all hazy.

Remember ‘The Adjustment Bureau’? A movie by George Nolfi and stars Matt Damon and Emily Blunt where God’s right hand men have map of life -or whatever they call it in the movie- and try to make sure every people live the life as planned? Well, Thanks god, I can not see a map of my life where I can get ready if there are bumps in the road or to let me know whether to go straight forward, turn left or right when we see an inter-junction just so I will not get lost in the middle of the journey. But who knows that turning at the wrong place would make us end up in a lot more interesting places? There are just too much surprises and it’s all intended to make this life even more interesting.

A rocky road will make us more alert than a freeway. That’s why I ever read somewhere that the number of accident in the freeway is over the number of accident in the bumpy road. Having a smooth life doesnt mean a happy and stress-free life.
God has mysteriously interesting ways of making this whole universe work under His command. His masterplan is the greatest. We can never see how great it is if we choose to see it partially.

So get ready for all the bumps in life. We will be amazed of how long we have survived since we first begin it. The world will always against us. So many things will always go the other way around from what we expected. Dark moments are something we can not avoid. It is our call to stand firm or hide. Whether we like it or not, life will still go on.

This year has been so crazy and beautiful. It’s not going to end just yet, but I know I am a different person from where I started this journey last January 1, 2011. I choose to be a better person. I choose to believe in miracles. So, go away the pessimist side of me!


One comment

  1. swiftywina · October 17, 2011

    Gotta be honest I lost faith long time ago. The only thing that makes me believe is my responsibility at d office and my bff’s (one of ’em is you)… :)

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