• They said I have this overbearing personality. But you are overbearing my mind! Stop playing inside my mind!
  • What’s <3 ? They said <3 isn’t selfish. But If the thoughts of spending my days with u are my selfish way of wanting u, I am a failure lover.
  • A good friend of mine said that I should stop this feeling for you. But how can I move on when I see no one but you?
  • Someone is MIA and I already miss this person <3
  • I’ll just sleep now cus in my dream you are mine. The reality is cruel, so I’ll just create a happy world of mine:) #twexit
  • My logic is failing me every time I process ‘you’. There’s no logical explanation about that <3
  • It’s hard to impress you. Really hard! I never feel good enough:( Maybe you just don’t wanna be impressed. Maybe I should stop being silly.
  • I’m running 100miles/hour but you’re walking 10miles/hours.I can wait for you in the finish line, but are you heading the same way with me?
  • I am lost in my own hope and expectation. It’s so scary to fall for you! How can you be so irresistible? I can never halt your charms <3
  • I am a mess without you…
  • Set me free,leave me be,I dont wanna fall another moment into ur gravity. Here I am and I stand so tall,just the way I’m supposed to be“-SB
  • You hold me without touch. You keep me without chain. I’ve never wanted anything so much…” – SaraBareilles
  • The best part of the morning is knowing that someone is waiting for you to wake up. #viatumblr
  • I am making an amend; I am physically and emotionally tired:((
  • Emotionally tired:((
  • I’ll just enjoy the company of good music on my player and read a novel before I sleep. Put you only in a small space of my mind.
  • In my dream, I am the reason of your happiness, but in reality, you are my reason of happiness. Dream and reality rarely walk in line :D
  • You are such a beautiful creature and you deserve all the love and happiness in the world. If I can see it, others should also see it <3
  • No matter how hard I try to be with you. The destiny will speak for itself. I did my best to show you I’m worthed. That’s what’s important <3
  • So I’ll let you go now. For good. I’ll seek for the state peace of mind I need <3
  • At some point, you just need to let go. Things are not always in control because there are greater power who controls everything. #SelfTalk
  • Good Twitter friends, Rizzles and you are my #3gratitudes today:) Keep the positive mind, love will come eventually! Patience is virtue! <3
  • People are stupid and just want to be loved. It’s the only reason anybody does anything…” Miranda Bailey
  • I’d like you to take me to dinner. Too much to ask? <3
  • Insecurity is a sign of lack of confidence. I doubt myself that I’m enough for you #SelfTalk
  • Do you find me annoying for being helplessly romantic person? Cus I really don’t know the limit. Being romantic sucks sometimes, baby! #JS
  • I always consider myself as a hopelessly romantic person and will always appreciate romantic gestures #JS
  • At some point of my life, I want to leave Indonesia and live on my own. Far away from here… #SelfTalk
  • Most time I find myself annoying for caring some people too much. Maybe they also find me annoying, so I better slow down now. #twexit
  • I hate tired you, but all the endorphin is rushing in and you’ll feel happy and relax. I love happy-relax you!
  • Darn, I failed the test. I am not a good stalker! lol But I love love love revealing more random things about you <3
  • It’s gonna be a looong day without you!!
  • I love that you’re calling me ‘silly’ in the most sweet way <3
  • Because of you I don’t know how to let anyone else in. #lyrics #nowplaying
  • Most time my insecure feeling triggers me to do some stupid silly things I regret:(
  • I miss you <3
  • Why won’t you leave my thoughts alone? #viatumblr
  • “Having a one-sided love makes me feel so isolated…” #np
  • I suddenly look at a Pjs and remember you
  • I just realized that we share A LOT!! How I Iove sharing with you <3
  • I miss you @twitloger !!!
  • Kinda proud of myself for recording such video… lol
  • Tortoise always reminds me of you!! Funny how we discuss the difference between Tortoise and Turtle lol <3
  • Pursuing my dreams will make me one step closer to you. And that’s the only thing I wanna do. Being closer to you <3
  • You are so easy to fall for. Do your realize that? You make me fall for you. Thousand of miles lies between us and I cant resist your charms.
  • Sara Bareilles’ King of Anything will always remind me of you because I know you remember me every time you hear it. We remember each other!
  • You’ve been fulfilling my head with dreams. You’ve been fulfilling my heart with joyous feelings. If only we could ever be together.
  • Nothing can stop me from thinking about you… How can you be so far away yet remain close to my heart?
  • Luck will leave you ’cause it is a faithless friend” Michael Buble – Hold On
  • It’s not about being who everyone else wants you to be, It’s about being yourself and finding someone who loves every bit of it.”
  • I saw National Geographic Mags and I remember you! Darn!
  • Everywhere I am looking, there’s always you! My eyes really play tricks on me! <3
  • You met thousand of people & none of them really touch you! And then you met one person & your life is changed.. forever!” Jamie – ♥&OtherDrugs
  • .. I have never met anyone who actually BELIEVE THAT I WAS ENOUGH.. till I met you. And you made me believe it, too..” Jamie – ♥&OtherDrugs
  • Another rejection! Life cant be easier on me, I guess… </3
  • Love will always find its way. I believe in love, happiness, and second chances. IF I find the love of my life, I’ll take care of the person.
  • This Saturday is the day to tell the truth! However painful and surreal it is, it’s still the truth. It soothes my feeling in a strange way.


  1. Priskila · February 8, 2011

    “Set me free,leave me be,I dont wanna fall another moment into ur gravity…”
    Hopefully we can meet her on May 201…:))

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