Two things that make my heart jump!

Somebody please tell me why I get so attached with Callie and Arizona? I guess there’s no sane explanation because there’s no reasoning with love (or obsession), huh? lol So I wake up this morning with a wide smile on my face, it’s always fun to wake up on Friday morning because this will be the last day of the week to go to the office. Yaaay! I also had a lotta fun last night after I get out from the office at 5pm and tweet like crazy till I finally fall asleep.

One of my favorite things to do in the morning is checking my favorite web, Grey’s Gabble. I need to hear something about Greys and reading about them always make my day! And this morning, MY HEART JUMPS!! I found an awe-inspiring and adorable still of Callie and Arizona:) I wish I could have this print:'( It’s a simple picture, but you can see how honest the relationship between them…

Callie and Arizona | Season 6 Finale

The next thing that makes my heart jump today is the chance to see SARA BAREILLES’ live concert in Indonesia. YES, IN INDONESIA!!! @AdrieSubono seems interested to invite this American singer to perform in Indonesia. I’m proudly said that I am one of Sara Bareilles HUGE FANS!! So, I’ll pay the ticket as expensive as it’ll be offered! I even plan to go to USA just to see her live concert.

So, it’s okay  to work overtime now because today is FRIDAY and three favorite persons of mine has made my heart jump.




  1. Anggie-yang-itu · December 14, 2010

    Yaaaaaay… Sara mw dateng! ^^ Lucky you! Lagi ngefans banget sama Sara, dan triiing.. dia dateng ke Indonesia! Berharap Adrie Subono berkenan mendatangkan..hhmmm..entahlah *mojok sedih* . The Corrs apa kabar yak?

    • Annisa F. Wulandari · December 14, 2010

      Yaaaay..semoga beneran datang sih. Baru rencana aja tuh:)
      Jangan berharap The Corrs datang ke Indonesia, kita aja nyamperin mereka ke Irlandia, bagaimana?

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