.dear my #ex… [a dedicated tweets]

.the stages of love.

  • Pispot always reminds me of my ex; how he took care of me and my pispot when I stayed in the hospital. He surely have a place in my heart #ex
  • He was the first person other than my family who showed great attention that he never hesitate taking care of my pispot. #ex
  • The worst and gross (yet sweet) thing was that I was having my period by that time and I can move nowhere, so I have to use the pispot. #ex
  • I love how he held my hand when I was asleep. He sat in the chair next to my bed and spent the night at the hospital. #ex
  • He’s the reason I believe there are good man out there who’ll show me what true love means. He opened my heart to the new definition of love. #ex
  • I could never find a single reason to hate him; well, the only reason is because he let me go. I am worth-keeping, but he let me go anyway. #ex
  • He was a friend, he was a lover and now he’s gone away. I never understand the reason why we separate, it doesn’t make any sense to me. #ex
  • We were laughing and sharing for hours, we don’t keep secret. I was too blind to see what’s wrong with the relationship. #ex
  • 6 years of being his friend and loving him secretly was memorable. When we finally an item, it was the most amazing thing happened to me. #ex
  • I have always wanted to have a simple man, the one who’ll take care of me; my dignity. The one who’ll guide me through the right path. #ex
  • He was ‘that’ man. He was the right ‘imam’, we only held hands and walked together and talked and talked to spend time. #ex
  • The only wrong thing was that he doesn’t want to keep me waiting until he’s ready to tie the knot. He said he still need to prove many things. #ex
  • I said I was not asking him to marry me. I was asking him for a chance to embrace his love, to feel this amazing love. #ex
  • I was asking for the reason why we should end things up. He said he cant stay in Jakarta, he said I deserve someone better than him. #ex
  • He said he can’t give any certainty to the future of our relationship, maybe he  freaked out with the commitment and unsure of himself. #ex
  • I was fragile & unsecured, I’m looking for someone to hold on to, to get me out of my dark & twisted mind. Looking for a soul to settle myself down #ex
  • He’s not perfect, but all this time, I am the one who thinks that I’m not cut off to be his (future) wife. I am the one who doesn’t deserve him. #ex
  • In fact, we don’t deserve each other! The day we broke up, I ran away, cried like a baby, questioned myself why I cant keep a good soul like him #ex
  • I keep blaming myself for not being good enough for him. It’s always easier to blame other people, but not in this case. #ex
  • He said, if I need more explanation, he’ll explain it all over again. He wanted me to take care of myself, to stop blaming myself. #ex
  • He’s leaving Jakarta. He always said he wanted to contribute to his village, stayed there, took care of his mom&sister. Jakarta never fits him. #ex
  • I wish him a sincere prayer; we simply are not meant for each other. Nothing is wrong, it’s just the world conspired to separate us. #ex
  • God has better plan for me & him. I can’t figure it out (yet), but I remind myself that His promises are real. I just have to keep the faith. #ex
  • It’s not that I’m not moving on. Now I am waiting for someone else to happily-ever-after spend my life with, but I’m afraid I’m waiting in the wrong place. #ex
  • Farewell, my love. Your love taught me in a way I can’t describe. You passed my life for a reason. The reason is yet to be understood. #ex


  1. abisani · September 16, 2010

    Weeeelllll. so sweeet :D
    hehe,, kadang ak jg kepikiran mantan, aneh kalo ngingetnya.., perubahan ada pada kami berdua

    • Annisa F. Wulandari · December 30, 2011

      I dont regret being left, and that we separate, Bie :) I thought I was happy and I couldn’t be happier, but I am happier now. So much happier than I have ever felt :)

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