.just a little bit about Jessica Capshaw.

Here we go, another obsession of mine, Jessica Capshaw. She is the daughter of actress and producer Kate Capshaw and Robert Capshaw. She is the stepdaughter of director Steven Spielberg. JCaps is now a series regular in Grey’s Anatomy. She was promoted in season 6 and has done a great job ever since. I am probably in love with her perky attitude and how this most cheerful little blonde on wheels, Arizona Robbins, made quite the affect on our SGH staff, Callie Torres in particular. Right from the start, I saw Arizona as a woman who was sweet and bubbly, but who was super hardcore when it came to her patients. Arizona was there to pull Callie out of her funk and bring her back to life. I have NEVER seen Callie this happy. Arizona brought such a positive spirit to the show by simply being in the room.

Photo Copyright: ABC Studio

Being in love with Arizona (I mean JCaps) made me trail back some of her acting careers in the past.  I found out that JCaps also take a role in The Practice -an American legal drama centering on the partners and associate at a Boston Law Firm.

The Practice focused on the law firm of Robert Donnell and Associates (later becoming Donnell, Young, Dole, & Frutt, and ultimately Young, Frutt, & Berluti). Plots typically featured the firm’s involvement in various high-profile criminal and civil cases that often mirror current events. Conflict between legal ethics and personal morality was a recurring theme. (Source: wikipedia)

So, I start watching The Practice to see her pre-grey’s-anatomy acting:) Surprisingly, The Practice has exceeded my expectations. Watching the show brings back the old memory of debate session with my fellow debater and coach.
I wish I knew this series during the hard-day-and-night of debate practice:)

Yaaaayy to Jessica Capshaw or Dr. Arizona Robbins!!!

Photo Copyright: ABC Studio


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