.and so you tweet.

#1 Now on my ear: Zigas – Sahabat Jadi Cinta *smg bukan pertanda

If he hopes that it’s not a sign, I myself do hope that it’s not a sign. More than three times I heard that song this whole day. Terngiang-ngiang seluruh scene dalam videoklipnya. Meresapi setiap kata-katanya. Dan tahu gak? Yang membuat semakin menakutkan adalah ‘ramalan’ zodiak di acara Planet Remaja yang diputar di sebuah stasiun TV. Kebetulan banget gw pencet channel-nya, ternyata SMA 1 Tangerang jadi venue acara itu. It was my highschool. Setelah selesai mandi, ternyata ada rubrik zodiak. (doesnt mean i believe superstitious things, it’s just a joke *LOL ). Secara keseluruhan, Cancer akan baik-baik saja, yang menarik adalah tentang Asmara. It’s literally written ‘ Sahabat jadi Cinta’! *surprise..surprise,,, what a coincidence right?? Yes, it’s just a coincidence!

Jadi, sepanjang hari ini –entah mengapa- lagu itu menjadi tema hari gw dan asmara gw dengan jelas tertulis judul lagu yang sama. I cant deny my mind flies aways to him when I hear the song. I know he’s not tweeting about me at the first place, but this ‘coincidental things’ really got me worried and sad *could it be possible? Is this real? Am i expecting too much? why he tweet the exact thing that haunt me the whole day?

#2 Breakfast @ McD atrium senen, triple cheese burger, hmmm… so so yummy!

I cant believe this. I swear I didn’t open his twitter this whole day. It’s just me on the bus heading to Jakarta and at a place near the bus stop, I see an interesting banner “McD Triple Cheese Burger – 24/7” I thought it’s gonna be great to have that for lunch. I just wish I could stop by and eat some. I’d love to have Triple Cheese Burger to serve my hunger :p Why on earth he spoke similar thing to what I said? Is this another coincidence? Yes, it is… It is a coincidence right, God?? But why it happened? Couldnt it be any reasons why?

Do you know, dear God? *yes YOU know. You always know.. Having multiple coincidences are not good for me. Why dont you stop ‘playing’ with me? I have said that I misinterpret ‘the sign’, i said the ‘sign’ in no longer exist, but why are there more signs between me and him? I am burying all my hopes, we’d be friend. I tried. I know I’ve tried to lose all the feelings.. it doesnt give me any good to be able to see ‘the sign’. So, please stop…


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