.closer to me.

humm… It’s just some facts about me. Maybe it’s not important for you, but it’s important for me=) FYI, It’s even hard for me to list the facts down.. Because I barely recognize myself.

Well, let’s just start this and see how far I understand myself=p

1. I’m a meatlover and a veggy-hater:p (I dont eat vegatables! And I’m wondering why people eat that ‘greeny things.’ They taste weird in my tongue =)hahaha…

2. I have this ‘syndrome of reunion.’ I feel uncomfortable to gather with my friends. I prefer isolate myself, be alone, stay in my room, watch the TV or movies, while my friends gather, hang out and laugh together. I always have excuses for not attending all those ‘party.’ Maybe it seems like I’m building walls around me, well, cant they believe that it’s actually my ‘feeling of fear’?

3. I ever had a ‘weird’ relationship with a boy when I was in Purwokerto. We only communicated through phone and text messages. I never want to meet him, though he insisted me to. He was my elementary friend who happened to be my boyfriend after a coincident phone calls. I called him my sk8ter boi and it’s over now.

4. I always have trouble with love (who doesnt?=p). I had a crush with my elementary mate for two years. Maybe he’s my puppy love=) I think his name is Gatot. I confess it all now=) I was wasting another 3 years of falling in love with James, my junior hi mate. Hmm, the other 3 year was for FRM, my senior hi friend. The longest year was for my ex boyfriend. I love him since the very first time we me, it’s almost 6 years. Do you know what? The common thing about my love stories is I got hurt at the end. None of them cares about me. Love is not something I can ‘buy’ and maybe I dont deserve a happy love life=( That’s why I envy my friends who are in love and being loved. Where should I find him?

5. Mosquitos can easily bite me and left many red signs in my skins=) I really hate them because of that. Btw, We’re talking about 20-30 bites all over my body!! It’s sooo itchy and painful.

6. I love watching movies. I make a list about movies I’ve watched in my laptop since 4 years ago. It’s almost 800 films now and still counting=)

7. My deepest obsession was to be accepted in Psychology Universitas Indonesia. I love paying attention to people’s behavior. I love analyzing the reason why they do certain actions, predicting what will they do in the future and what emotional support they need during the ups and downs. I always believe that people are unique, but in certain conditions, they show common behavior. The more we understand how to treat people good, the more we understand the key to human’s secret life. FYI, I really want to be part of those yellow jackets. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I wasnt accepted there. But I was so excited to beat them in a national English debate competition last 2007=)) lol…lol…

8. Dunno why, I am good at breaking my friends’ hearts. I am not good at taking care of them and will only make them disappointed at the end. I couldnt explain the reason why=( I’m so sorry,friends…

9. I hate being left. That’s why I choose leaving people than being left. But lately, I have my own Karma. People start leaving me. It breaks my heart. Maybe because I used to leave people in my past. Now it’s time for me being left by others=(

(to be continued)


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