Graduation Day; the Afterglow…

April 1st 2008; 12.18 am

After 4,5 years, I finally declared to have a bachelor degree of communication from UNSOED. The title of my research was ‘SELF-DISCLOSURE THROUGH WEBLOG (A Descriptive Study about Influential Factors of Friendster’s Webloggers in doing Self-Disclosure).’ Been waiting quite long to finish all of the research. I’ve been very helpful since the very beginning, that’s why I want to give my best gratitude to all respected parties who have made things possible for me; my parents, brothers, my informants, SEF, anggiekuw, FISIP, Mr. Kuntarto ‘EDP’, Rektorat, Mr. Bekti, Mr. Agoeng, Ms. Mite, de’ Irma, NungkQ ‘UGM’, 4malaikat kegelapan, Com 2003, etc.

Been very grateful to graduate with my other friends; Uma,&Fino [(my best partners and ex-gangster member in our very first year=) unfortunately, Dendi was not part of us now=(], Lita, Indah, Iko, Wimpi, Miming, Chici, Nanda, Fifi, Yayu’, and Katon.

I‘m overwhelmed with gratitude coz I can also graduate with my beloved partner; Veetha Chubby. Great to share many things with you, Pita=). Unfortunately we can’t fulfill the dream of giving the winning trophy to SEF and UNSOED, but at last we can get our own trophy from the dean and the rector. Hahaha=)

The mood was pretty drop since Tante Yoyoh (the one that will put the make-up on me cancelled her arrival to PWT because of her job in Bali). I feel unconfident to join my graduation ceremony =( But I assure myself to stay proud coz eventually I can make my parents proud of me when I was honored as one of the cum laude students. My name was echoed surround Soemardjito and my parents got the chance to shake the hand of rector. One of my wishes had come true now=). At least, I can do something good at the end of my college career.

The next challenge is coming before my eyes and I’m proud to say that ‘I’m ready for it’=)

Thank you for all the support and the graduation messages (Anggie, Peny, Ms. Jacyntha, Icha, Endah, de’ Irma, Wina, Syifa, Halyda, pakde Udi, Dista, Dudee, Ranilla, Eel, Yonie, Om Didit, Irma ‘com’, Dina, Vincent, Igit, Sondang, Azhar, We, NungkQ, Rai, Sarah, (dr.) Lucia, Norman, Rizka, Sandra, Maya, etc).

Wish me luck in the future, buddies…

The memories will remain in my heart and my soul forever.


Annisa Fitri Wulandari, S.Sos


Family’s Picture


Pose with Rector’s Trophy


Altogether with Irma and Veetha


We both got the trophy=)



One comment

  1. putry · June 17, 2008

    maaf mba, aku lagi ngerjain skripsi judulnya ” hubungan persepsi siswa terhadap BK di sekolah dengan self disclosure siswa” tapi aku masih bingung ngukur self disclosurenya gimana?pliiz bantuin aku mba ya

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